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Allan Davies
25-07-07, 16:04
HI My fecking nephew has just pulled out on our 11 day tour. So I am trying to fill his space. Fancy joining us? There was 4 now three bikes. Share a room with my brother(he's a non smoker BTW), everything booked just need to transfer chunnel details, not sure if that will cost, if not then thats free and paid for. You must have a sense of humour and be able to keep a fair pace(nothing too fast just progressive)
Brief outline of route:
France(Arras), Germany(baden baden B500), Austria(Lech Valley then Eagles nest)),Dolimites(Gardena Area), Aust(Pfunds), Switz(Mermingam-Sherlock Holmes died there???), Germany(heart of the Black Forest on B500), France(Metz then Arras again)
Aiming to do all the big passes and bendy bits 200 miles ish a day with stops for sticky buns etc on route . we are also picking a mate up in Baden for three nights,
PM if you are interested first come first served. All the routes are completed on Mapsource V9 (95.5% A/B roads) Hotels booked aswell.
If no takers by Tuesday 31st july will start cancelling Accomadation.
PS Two bikes two up one solo and then one space for solo biker!

Allan Davies
25-07-07, 18:20
Dates oopps:blast
Out on the Chunnel 1430 23 August 07 return 1030 chunnel 02 sept 07.
Not hard is it:thumb2

25-07-07, 18:34

Your itinery sounds lovely.

If you had been travelling just 24 hours later then I would have jumped at the chance (although your brother might have been scared to share a room with a poof).

Unfortunately, Aug 23rd is GCSE results day and I have to be around to console the sprog, when he finds out that being a lazy little shit with revision doesn't get you 9 A*s.

Andy Higgins
25-07-07, 19:12
Hi Allen

I would have joined you but i'm already in the Alps from 10th Aug till 27th. I should be in the black forest towards the end of my trip, maybe we should meet up for a beer, i'll be travelling nort on the B500.

Allan Davies
25-07-07, 20:21
we will be staying at the Gasthaus Auerhanh. On the Friday 24. It is just outside Baden Baden right on the B500. Geroldsaur Strasse. Then on the Saturday (0990 ish) heading towards Hornberg on the B33 From there picking up the K 5725 to Peterzell Then back onto the b33. Then wibbly wobbly to Engen the lake Koblens< lech Valley.
Hope to meet up if in the area PM nearer the time .
I saw your post on the sight the other day, looks good:thumb2
PM phone No and we can meet up if you wish.

26-07-07, 13:28
me and the girlfriend will be in baden baden on the 21st stoping at a place called lenzkirch 99% it will be on me new 1200 adventura but if not it will be in a little 2 seater convertable (kermit green colour) you wont miss this give us a wave or a bit crack if you see us cheers hope it goes well,:mmmm wish id seen this earlier we could have changed my dates

31-07-07, 18:50
Allan, leaving from where? Just lost out on an 8 day tour to Southern Switzerland.....too many people involved in the planning. Tried to contact you direct but not sure how...

Allan Davies
02-08-07, 15:11
Leaving from Cardiff 0830 on the 23 Aug for the 1420 chunnel.
If ewe subscribe (Only 12) and ewe can Private Message me. I will then give ewe my mobile number, don't really want to give out details as the tax man may be about:confused:
PS another Tosser is interested as well, he's from up north(the spare place has been snapped up by a nice gent called Tiny from :aidan ) So I have told Mick, but as yet no reply, strange that! SWMBO:bow will glady book more accom if she can find space in the hotels we have booked, if not can tell ewe the towns and ewe can DIY. The chunnel will set ewe back 98?