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31-07-07, 16:29
Well... I finally did it... The zx1000 and Triumph 900 trident have gone up for sale... And sitting outside is my new pride and joy... a 02 R1150GS in bright yellow (with some 40K on the clock).

I've been telling my friends for years that the next bike would be a GS... Shame its taken 4 years to get around to it...

okay a little about me... I've been riding bikes since I was 17... (11 years+a bit more)... I've had more bikes than i care to even try and list... everything from 400cc pocket rockets to 1300cc spondon framed madness...

Interest wise - well if its got an engine and wheels...... Current project is to finish my 1978 MGB GT rally car replica...

I'm looking forward to spending many miles on the GS (not just the 100 mile round commute every day).

Oh and do they all make the tappetty tappety noise?.... "Yes sir, they all do that".... reminds me fondly of my old R65...

Well... thats enough wittering from me... Long live the GS! :)

02-08-07, 02:27
Hi there Big Yella, welcome to the mad house, lots of nice peeps on here and plenty of info, let me know if you fancy a ride out, I'm in N/Essex, Halstead, cheers all the best Dusan :thumb2

Dave & Val
02-08-07, 07:08
Hi BigYellow,

Of course you have the best colour, which is the fastest of all the 1150's. I have a 03 with 54,000 on the clock and still sweet....
I have had one or two minor problems over the years, but you get used to that!!

See you out there...

Dave & Val:clap :bounce1

02-08-07, 07:16
Hello! - happy riding BigY!

02-08-07, 20:43
Thanks for the welcome! :)

Dusan: I know Halstead pretty well... I ride though it several times a week... I live near chelmsford and commute upto Bury St. eds every day... I'll keep an eye out for another mad GSer from now on...:jibber

02-08-07, 20:55
Hello and welcome to the forum, enjoy your stay with us :)