View Full Version : what is this touratech Hard Part LA R1150GS

03-07-02, 17:10
for what is this spare made ??
Is the gs so weak ??
In what situation could this be useful ?

Paul Young
03-07-02, 17:57
If the forks turn hard to either side, the top yoke can be damaged as the steering stop is cast as part of the top yoke. The telelever and fork legs can also be damaged as they come together once the steering stop breaks. This is not usually a problem, but can happen if the bike falls hard in an accident or off-roading. The larger piece wraps around the front of the telelever and softens the impact whilst acting as another steering stop, so protecting the top yoke as well.

Any clearer? If not, look at the Touratech catalogue where there are pictures which might help.

Mick Fagan
20-07-02, 10:55
The fork slider hits a very tiny (about 10mm) circle of Delrin. This is an extremely hard plastic which I use for manufacturing embossing seals. However it is softer than metal and therefore shouldn't damage the fork sliders.

The other piece of yellow metal which is like a straight piece of metal is designed to attach to the right hand fork slider and then it holds the brake line away from the forks.

If left as manufactured by the factory there is a possibility that the brake line can be caught between the fork leg and the front suspension and then squashing it so that it breaks and then one has no brakes.

This brake line is not a problem for the 1100GS only the 1150GS.

I have the hard part fitted to my 1100GS and it does restrict the turning circle ever so slightly.