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03-07-02, 18:44
Hello G S tring riders,
has anyone fitted this on his /her machine?
Wonder if it really makes a difference.

jeff garnett
03-07-02, 20:46
Adjustable paralever

Hi yes on a gs1100 gs1150 & a r1150r

There is 0-15mm adjustment on the paralever

on the r1150r all the adjustment was used

On the gs1100 & gs1150 I liked about 10mm adjustment

This quickened the steering & raised the back end about 25mm

Howard Millichap
03-07-02, 21:24
Got rid of it completely on mine. Converted it to "mono"(ish).

05-07-02, 15:59
So what the advantages of this on a strandart gs 1150 ?

Will rase the bike on the rear ???

thank you

Howard Millichap
05-07-02, 18:15
If you're refering to my "mono" mod. The advantage for my R100GS is that it will make the drive shaft bearings last longer by reducing the angle that they have to work through. As far as I know the 1100 & 1150 don't have the same shaft life problem as the 100GS.
It has the by product of making wheelies easier because the whole bike lifts slightly under acceleration. This makes riding "off road" much more enjoyable.

06-07-02, 21:21
I have one fitted and its FULLY UP and the bike turns in much quicker.

Jacks the back up and looks more sporty, tried it at most addjustments found it best FULLY UP.

06-07-02, 23:19
Where did you buy it ??

Did you fited your self ??

how much you payed for it ?

thank you

08-07-02, 07:03
MOTORBINS address some where on this website.

119 about that.

FIT IT MYSELF, NO WAY I DO NOT WORK ON MY OWN BIKE, do you make pastries ?