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10-08-07, 21:07
Hi to all you GSer's,

Just about to buy a 1200 and a mate told me to pay the site a visit.

I'm looking forward to a proper winter bike and hoping the 1200 will stand up to the Scottish weather!

Happy biking

10-08-07, 21:51
Welcome to winter wonderland, Its the best thing you could have done.

I hope you bought the faster BLUE one!!!:augie

10-08-07, 22:43
hoping the 1200 will stand up to the Scottish weather!

Happy biking


Welcome to the site anyway.


cunning fox
16-08-07, 17:58
hey steady, used mine all last winter, hardly any scary moments:eek:,
hope to see you around some time:thumb.

16-08-07, 18:10
Park it ootside the 'Green Wellie', someone will splash some water over it occasionally....:D (I take it your not far from there?)

Welcome btw...:thumb

16-08-07, 22:01
Im sure it will be fine - and hiya!

16-08-07, 22:23

Just back fromthe Edinburgh dealership with my new toy!!!!!!:)

It's far better than any of the GS's that iv'e tried so far. No noticable rattles. Must be that faster than flat out black that is obviously the most appropriate colour!

For a bike that I know next to nothing about and done 100 whole miles getting home, it is totally confidence inspiring. Like riding a comfy armchair that can do anything you ask of it and say 'was that it?' at the end of the run.

You can tell I had a bit of a gas coming back!

Can't wait to head off to Skye on the weekend and get the tyres properly scrubbed in. Get the service out of the way next week and then we can get get out there and party!!

Just thought you all needed to know that i'm an addict already, but you all know how great they are already.

Oh, and in answer to that question, yes i'm pretty close to the Green Welly. You can find me there if i'm not off on the skive riding my bike.:beerjug:

Happy riding