View Full Version : Südtirol and Dolimites

11-08-07, 21:44
Hi I used to live or still do part time live bei München and we used to go to Dolimites every weekend from Apil til end june best place to stay is Kalten loads of BB verry cheep or camping at Kaltersee is more fun and its verry warm there and there is one good pass after the uther only 2mins away then in somer a good place to stay is Canazei its at the foot of all the Dolimites you can have breakfast and enjoy aboute 4 hours of blasting up and down withaut seeing a coutch we used to ride there but then we started to put the bickes on trailer that ment it dint mater what the weather done and we could save money on eating aut BBQ. Lots of people that travel from Berlin would put their bicke on the train to Bolzano if you are traveling from UK you can put your bicke or car on the traine from Dusseldorf that saves a lot of tyre weare in the Alps you will only use the tyre on its side walls we just used to get free bees that had been sweard off on German roads but for Alps they have plenty off tread left on them because you wount be doing much in a streiht line :thumb so I hope you have a few moor options open and wish any body good luck