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H.R.H. Nashskye
12-08-07, 10:51
Well that's the end of another insane wkd with a bunch of tossers:D
Great party was had last night, wow I didn't realise we had such talented dancers amongst us!! Namely Kaycee and Kev C!! :thumb Did a rendition of Grease Lightning with Kaycee and some rock n roll with Kev C! What a laugh!:D
Needless to say :steptoe Steptoe was doing a bit of free styling too!!:clap
Thanks to everyone who were so generous with their donations, it means a lot to us.
Photos coming very soon...:blast
and the amount raised!:thumb2

12-08-07, 14:47
Just got back home after a great ride home.

Big thanks to Johnny and Tash and the good folks of Waternish for a fantastic weekend. The craik was brilliant. Lookin forward to next year.....

Still trying to find the seperate thread dedicated to the the "Queens Mum"???


(RIP) Jamie
12-08-07, 16:35
Yes, great weekend, thanks Tash and Joony


12-08-07, 17:09
Wee taster of the weekend


Kaycee doing some traditional Oonyackistani dancing


"My old mans a dustman" went down a treat with Steptoe


I can do the splits me


Kaycee won first prize in the dad dancing comp:cool:


OOOOOHH Chase me:ymca


Poor Steptoe doing YMCA but his excuse was I'm dislexic:ymca2


A wee singalong



Steptoe does it "his way" can't keep an old crooner down


From Dublin to Skye for 2hrs of Disco well done Flash in the Gap:clap


Knighting ceremony at the Ancient Stone of Oon

Sir Shapeshifter General Dogs Body

Sir James First Knight of Oonyackistan

Sir Forry Official Cheese squeezer
Over the weekend nearly 1500 was raised fantastic achievement:clap:clap:clap

Many thanks to all that gave raffle prizes and auction items and attendees
Special thanks to the winner of the 125 cc Motorbike who wished it to be sold to raise further funds:bow:bow

Between the Tossers and Locals so 1 new bike for Riders for health:bow

12-08-07, 17:32
Sorry I had to leave early. Thanks to all concerned and especially for the breakfast on Saturday morning! Photo's to be posted asap.

12-08-07, 18:27
Brilliant weekend!!:thumb:thumb:thumb:thumb:thumb

Loadza (for me- light weight):beer:

Much :beerjug::ChrisKelly

Plenty of:JB:JB:friday:hogroast

Many, many ,many thanks to the King and Queen of Oonyackistan for a great weekend.

Loads more thanks for the miracle of the bacon butties.:bow:bow:bow:bow:bow:bow:bow:bow:bow:bow

12-08-07, 19:21
Well I made it back to the Wirral (!!) - 8.5hrs and 500miles - lost Rushy, Phil and Terry somewhere not long off Skye - Rushy had probably stopped to take another photo!! Passed Ronno, Kaycee and I cant remember his name from Glasgow (I know that doesn't really narrow it down does it - red 1100 anyway)

Just want to offer my thanks to everyone for your company and a superb weekend - and to the powers that be for fantastic weather in the most part. :beerjug:

Big big thanks to Johnny and Tash - for just about everything really and especially the egg butties so nicely wrapped! :bow:bow:bow

Photos to follow, assuming I get the technology to work:confused:

12-08-07, 19:31
Photos to follow,

Any of you in yer Starsky jacket ??? :D :D :augie

Alte Wolf
12-08-07, 19:31
Just to say thanks to Johnny and Tash on behalf of meself and bro 3 for an amazing weekend. How great it was to see so many folks at the ceilidh and put faces to Avatars. What a great result for Johnny Tash and EnduroAfrica :clap:clap:clap
Also thanks to Tash for the lift back to the Stein ... before we fell into any ditches :D

Once again the virtual community becomes a real community and what a privilege to be a part of it all, Roll on next year :beerjug:

UKGSer ... more than just a little bit special for sure :thumb2

12-08-07, 19:35
Any of you in yer Starsky jacket ??? :D :D :augie

it never made the trip mate!! You need to go to this event!!:thumb2:thumb2

Northern jock
12-08-07, 20:25
Cracking weekend, great ride there and back and one or two beers as well as far as I recall.
Cheers guys, you organised a great time - and money for charity as a bonus.
Appreciated the Tash taxi (photos to follow). I hope you got steemin this evening after two nights helping everyone else around!
NJ and better half

12-08-07, 23:17
Well done Tash and Johnny, that was a great event and you did us proud.

A superb venue, friendly locals, good food, a very worthwhile cause and one or two dry spells - what more could we want?

The fund-raising effort was fantastic; well done indeed.

These events don't just happen and a great deal of planning and preparation went into making it the success it was. I certainly appreciate your efforts and I'm glad that it all went well.

As usual, I took a couple of hundred photos and will put a few up in the following threads.

Thanks again - a great weekend and a very worthwhile event :clap :clap :clap :clap.


12-08-07, 23:32
I had a very wet run up to Skye, but as soon as 'Scotboxer' and I got off the Kylerhea Ferry the weather improved and we had a great run up to Dunvegan for fuel and then on to Waternish.

There was a stiff wind blowing off the sea, but we manaded to pitch our tents near the top of the cliff.

1. Camp is established.

2. Scotboxer captures the English redoubt.

3. Whatton arrives (note the track . . . It became very slippery !)

4. Followed by Steptoe and Forry.

5. Steptoe soon got his tent pitched . . strategically next to the bog !

More in the next thread . . . . .

12-08-07, 23:41
Looks like you all had a great weekend, I so wish I could have made it.

I was travelling back home from my Hols and saw loads of you along the M74 and M6. The only one I recognised though was Kev (Whatton) in his striking red suit. That was about 6pm just south of Glasgow. He was in a group of 3, possibly Steptoe and Forry. I was stuck (for 2 1/2 hours) in the North bound traffic jam caused by the accident and closure ......what a bummer. I also got caught Friday morning in the M25 fiasco ........

Have Fun


12-08-07, 23:49
Tables had been booked in the Stein Inn for our evening meal (and drinks). It is a great pub in a superb location. It is also the oldest pub on Skye.

There was a Ceilidh in the Waternish Village Hall on the Friday evening which most of the 'Tossers' on site attended as a 'warm-up' to the Saturday event. Transport had been arranged, though some decided to walk back in the dark - after a drink or two - and there are stories of people falling into ditches :augie

Back to the photos:

1. Forry had some interruptions whilst putting up his tent !

2. The 'after dinner drinkers' gather outside the Stein Inn prior to going to the Ceilidh.

3. The view from the pub is spectacular.

4. Party-goers climb aboard their luxury transport to the Ceilidh.

12-08-07, 23:52
Thanks Tash n Johnny for a fantastic weekend. Great to see some of the people I had already met this summer and put faces to some more of the names I see here.

Having finally made up my mind to head for home today instead of tomorrow (it was raining and looked set to stay - which probably means it cleared up as soon as I left). I left about mid-day (I think) for the long run home to Worcester. Stopped just over the bridge at the Kyle where Watton, Steptoe, James and Forry were manning the border. Then off through Fort William where I passed Thunder and Mrs C. On to the Green Welly stop between Rannoch Moor and Loch Lomond (somewhere) where I caught up with Gav.For a while, going over Shap on the M6, I kept company with a black GS which I didn't recognise. Not sure if he was a gentleman of this parish, then onwards and downwards for home. 3 fuel stops and about 600 miles in nine and a half hours so I am off to bed.

Will check the pics on the camera tomorrow and do a bit of posting

:beerjug::thumb:thumb2:D Thanks all for making it such a fantastic weekend.


13-08-07, 00:01
Just home safe and sound, bit of a delay with the ferry owing to the wrong kind of sea.

Many thanks to Tash and Johnny for another great Tossing weekend, fantastic location and one which will be remembered for years to come (well it will when I can fill in the gaps from Saturday night that is! :D)

13-08-07, 00:02
After a fairly calm night (excluding Ceilidh-goers returning loudly at around 01:30), Saturday dawned bright and clear.

1. )

2. ) The panoramic view from the campsite was superb.

3. )

4. Others were soon up and about.

5. Pog and Straypuss pictured after making rude gestures at the camera (I have those photos too !).

13-08-07, 00:20
A big Thumbs Up to Johnny and Tash for a tremendous weekend :thumb


The effort they both made to make everyone's stay was way beyond expectations :eek: Even ferrying hot butties and coffee to the happy campers at the crack of dawn on both days.

Personally they made my wee girl a very happy lassie and made Skye's first visit to the Island a very memorable one. They couldn't have been more considerate or welcoming and we even got to camp within the Royal Grounds. She was all for staying another few days.

Also a big thank you to all fellow Tossers for also making us most welcome and we had a great weekend. Will post up more pictures when I get a chance.

Here is one of Skye doing a wee dance on the way home (pity I or KC couldn't manage to get her up to dance at the weekend, I think she was awestruck by the Tosser Antics :eek: )


Iain & Skye

13-08-07, 00:24
Straypuss (Tony) had brought his Moto-Guzzi instead of his R100GS. Unfortunately he lost the air from his rear 'Air Shocks' and ended up riding a hard-tail. We pumped them back up and hopefully it lasted the return journey to Glasgow.

The Waternish Village Fete started at 14:00. One of the adult races involved running down the track, being spun around half a dozen times, then running back donning some items of clothing on the way (whilst dizzy, of course). The Club was represented by Oonyack and Kaycee. Result = Oonyack first, Kaycee second with the two ladies trailing in last.

Then there was the great 'Tug-of-War' debacle and the Ceilidh . . .. But they will have to wait until tomorrow as I am falling asleep over the keyboard.

1. Straypuss demonstrates the lack of rear springing.

2. Our intrepid heroes get ready for the race.

3. The're off.

4. Donning fancy dress.

5. Victorious (if you don't mind being photographed like that).

Old Codger
13-08-07, 01:59
Johnny and Tash for a cracking weekend Glad you raised a tidy sum for a good cause
Just made it home in one hit at 0130 including a diversion round the closed M40 Iron Butt Training !! ( at least your party didnt have any shootings after it)
The scottish rain didnt dampen a thing Scenery was magical , roads griptastic Was good to put faces to names The company par excellence including Black Bob on a Laphroaig roll even though not a word he sprayed made a jot of sense.
Frank :rob

13-08-07, 10:39
I'm back. I really must enrole on a photo-hosting site. Manually re-sizing these photos down to 121K takes a while !

The Tug-Of-War got off to a good start with the 'Tosser Team' winning the first pull. However they then lost the second and the tie-break. It appears the problem wasn't lack of weight or strength but soft hands that were suffering rope burns. A good effort lads and everyone enjoyed the event.

1. The first pull got off to a great start.

2. The winners !

3. Despite lots of encouragement from the front, the next two pulls went to the locals.

4. The winning team - well done lads.

13-08-07, 10:49
On Saturday evening we had the Ceilidh and disco at the village hall. by then the rain had returned so transport was again provided from the Stein Inn - thanks Tash.

1. Tash's Mum makes sure that no-one escapes . . . .

2. Until Johnny has sold all his raffle tickets (great team effort).

3. Some were still in 'party mood' from the Friday ceilidh !

4. 'Thunder' and 'Mrs Cheeks' set the ball rolling.

5. The Ceilidh Band was excellent.

Then came the Disco . . . .

13-08-07, 10:54
Got back about 7 sunday night after a trip that included 60-70miles of filtering due to problems on the M40 and the M6, managed to drop the GSA onto the front of a womans car whilst filtering, no damage to the car at all:thumb, as I managed to squeeze myself between the bike and the bonnet, she looked scared to death, I think she thought I had come from a different party:augie

I must say congratulations to everbody who helped organise the weekends festivities, it was a great event and amongst the highlights,and there were many, was having the privilage of seeing Steptoe fall into two ditches on the same walk:rolleyes: Cockerknees being the great value entertainers the've always been:D

Good to meet a new faces, (even the welsh ones:D) and to catch up with some old ones

Roll on the next one

Ride safe


13-08-07, 10:59
As no-one is allowed to smoke in a confined public place any more, dry ice is used to create 'atmosphere'.

1. The party in full swing.

2. and again.

3. Once the dry ice had cleared you could see who was there.

4. Sunday morning was wet - and it got worse. No-one about this early !

5. If you see one of these - you'll know what it means !

Thanks again Tash and Johnny . . Are you really thinking about running another event next year? You must be mad :bow :bow :bow

13-08-07, 15:51
Just got home from a fantastic weekend. I stayed in Newton Stewart on the way home with friends and had a shower and a night in a clean bed :ymca

The weekend was worth it for the trip up alone. Each time I rounded a bend I thought the views couldn't be topped but then there was another bend and another view ..... :thumb2

Tractorpilot and I were greated on arrival by the royal couple but retired to the bar, knackered after over 700 miles (due to a little detour and a full ferry :spitfire). We didn't get much sleep though as the revellers were coming back at about 01.30 :(

I was amazed and delighted to be woken by Johnny and Tash cooking breakfast and making tea the next morning, very nice :thumb2 In fact they did it again the following morning despite having ferried drunken tossers around until 4.30 in the morning and cleaning up after the ceilidh. :clap

The Ceilidh itself was a scream. Dinner on the Saturday night was excellent. The trip to the distillery was fun as well. All in all a superb weekend away :bounce1

To Johnny and Tash a huge thank you, as has been said these things do not organise themselves :clap:clap:bow:bow:clap:clap

To the rest of you that thought about going and didn't fancy the ride - put it in the diary for next year, but don't forget the 'Skin So Soft' ;)

13-08-07, 16:45
Blardy Hell!
looks like i missed a right good one!:blast:(

hopefully next year then....


Uncle Rob
13-08-07, 20:12
Just back home thanks verrry much Johnny+Tash for your hospitality :thumb2
Fantastic few days :hug

13-08-07, 20:14
Another great weekend:thumb2 - well done Tash & Johnny:clap - superb amount of money raised.
Good to meet Tosser's old and new and once again the locals made everybody welcome. food was excellent too.
Weather better than expected too.:thumb2


13-08-07, 20:38
Got home last night at 6.40pm absolutely knackered a sign of a good weekend:beer:
A Big Thank You to Johnny and Tash for looking after us so well :clap
The 2 of you must have been knackered you never stopped ,last to bed first up Taxi service ,Chefs ,Hosts ,coffee and tea makers.:bow

Great sum of money raised for Enduro Africa aswell :beerjug:

Even won a raffle prize meet McDuck the bikes new mascot:D

13-08-07, 20:45
I was amazed and delighted to be woken by Johnny and Tash cooking breakfast and making tea the next morning, very nice :thumb2 In fact they did it again the following morning despite having ferried drunken tossers around until 4.30 in the morning and cleaning up after the ceilidh. :clap

We got breakfast on Friday morning too. You should have stayed for 3 nights;)

Just wanted to add my thanks to Tash and Johnny for being just AMAZING hosts. :clap:clap:clap

Absolutely nothing was too much trouble. Organsing lifts to the village hall, taking the some of the non-campers back to their lodgings etc bringing the 4 of us tea and bacon butties that first morning was a special treat.

It was also very nice to meet all your neighbours. Extremely jealous of where you live too. I would imagine it could be quite a struggle living in a remote corner like that but when its good it must be Fabulous:thumb2

Thanks again. I had a great time thanks to the pair of you and the usual bunch of tossers:D

All the best,


13-08-07, 20:49
Even won a raffle prize meet McDuck the bikes new mascot:D

Nice to meet you Forry , glad you like Mc Duck:thumb