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16-08-07, 20:59
Hello all,
Name is Joe. Newly registered but not new to the forum. I've always had ''Jap Bikes'' and had been wanting but prevaricating about the GS for a number of years. From reading the forums I'd probably be sensible to steer clear but then I've never been sensible, so I now posses a '05 R1200GS.
Don't get me wrong. I think the forum is a very useful source of information and advise.

Blue skies, twisty roads and safe riding to all. :beerjug:

16-08-07, 21:08
Hello and welcome to the forum Joe. Its good to have you with us.

Steer clear of the forum ? ... noooo ... jump in, both feet and enjoy your stay. Its much more fun.


16-08-07, 21:40
Oh no:blast

You so nearly got it right:nenau

It should have been an 1150, still the best universal bike ever made (to date):P

Welcome and I hope you enjoy the fun:beerjug:

16-08-07, 22:16
Hey Joe (ain`t that a song ?? :P )

Welcome aboard :beerjug:

Hope you enjoy it after taking the plunge :D

Steer clear of the forum ? :)

Don`t be daft,woman...steer clear of the 1200 he meant.....quite rightly too :D :D :augie