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16-08-07, 21:08
Hi All,
I recently purchased a R1200 GSA (to replace my R1100S). I have sent the money, seen the photo's, but haven't actually taken possession of my new bike. The reason being is I have to drive it home from the Dealership. This is where it gets complicated, the dealer is located in Johannesburg, South Africa.
So, next week I am flying to South Africa, where myself, and 3 friends will set-off on the Epic Scooters Pizza Delivery expidition. We will be attempting to set a Guinness World Record for the longest (and fastest) overland delivery of pizza. setting off on the 31st August and hopefully will arrive in London within 39 days. I know it sounds far-fetched, but we are actually serious... visit http://www.theepicscooterspizzadelivery.co.za if you want to see how we and the bikes hold up on this adventure. We will also be posting information on how we have customized our bikes to make the trip possible without any support vehicles.

I look forward to hours of sharing knowledge and experiences on what looks like a useful and informative forum...

Lets Ride,

16-08-07, 21:13
Hello and welcome to the forum silverc. My, sounds like quite an incredible journey you have ahead of you.

Where on earth did you think of that one ?

There's a group of GSer's here that have travelled to the Sahara on scoots (C70's/C90's) for charity. Makes for quite an interesting read ...

Let us know how you get on.

We'd love to see a ride report with pics posted here if you have the time.

Enjoy your stay with us and good luck with the ride. :)

edit: BTW how did you get the Guiness Book of Records interested in your journey. Is this a new record you're setting ?

16-08-07, 21:58
It started off as a simple riding trip with my friend from South Africa. He has a passion for Pizza (and 110 franchise stores) so it didn't take him long to turn this into a feat of endurance. Guinness were surprisingly easy to get on-board (unlike the Sudanese embassy - we still don't have visas for Sudan). If all goes to plan, we will be having an arrival party in London, so for those of you who are in the vicinity, keep an eye on the website, and we would welcome other biking enthusiasts!

Thanks for the welcome...

Wreford Miles
17-08-07, 07:47
Mine's an american hot thin crust please.

17-08-07, 07:56
If you have yet to decide on choice of pizza, my choice would be thin crust, spicy beef with jalapenos thank you very much. 39 days is a long time to keep the pizza warm :augie

Best of luck :thumb