View Full Version : Calling all TTR Owners

27-08-07, 19:27
Some useful software downloads.

1) ITNConv v1.63


Lets you use Google maps to plan routes on the PC (with waypoints) which you then download to your TTRs SD card.

How to install.

Plan your route (with waypoints) on the Google maps and give your route a name etc. When finished close the program and a small window prompts you to save your route.

Connect the TTR to your PC by usb cable (don't use TomTom Home), open My Computer and you'll notice you have an extra drive letter listed with the other drives. This is the SD card of your Tomtom.

Double click on this see that there is a folder called ITN and this is where your Tomtom keeps it's itinerary files. Copy or save the itn file (your new route) from your pc into this folder, you will automatically be able to access it though your Tomtom afterwards (as an Itinerary route).

2) Tripmaster


Using this plugin you can make your Tomtom record a track of where you are going as you are riding along, and save that info automatically to an itn file. You can then copy the file back to your PC, convert it and view where you have been in Google Earth, Autoroute or whatever.

There are also software programs for converting Garmin (and other) POI files to TomTom files and also an off road navigator download that provides an interface like a basic gps with with a compass and arrow - and using your itn files for waypoints/routes it's possible to go off road with your TTR.



I haven't used these last two downloads yet.

So there you go, the TTR, almost as good as Garmin. :D