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02-09-07, 20:28
Following a brief ride on a friends 1200GS the seed was sown. The 1200 was a bit too "sophosticated" after 7 years on Harleys so I arranged a test ride on an 1150 adv. Sat on it in the dealers car park I thought it was a mistake, the weight, only just being able to put both feet flat on the floor. Once moving it was a totally different beast, an hour later I had part ex'd the Harley and bought it. Done 500 miles in a week and having a week in France with it next week. Its also a cold turkey cure for the "polishaholicism" that you get with Harley davidson ownership. I have obtained masses of advice from just searching the forum, thanks!! Hope I can reciprocate in the future.

02-09-07, 20:49
Hello and welcome to the forum Mark, there's plenty of information to be had within the forum and if its not found easily post as many questions as you wish, there's always someone around to offer a little advise or at least point you in the right direction.

Enjoy your stay with us. :)

02-09-07, 20:51
welcome mark :thumb2
plenty of info and help around here.
enjoy your trip.;)