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Dragon Master
11-09-07, 19:12
Hi Guys,

Right, I'm off to Norway for four weeks in June-July next year (2008). The plan is to spend a week riding from Bergen to Nordkapp, then meander my way back south, via Hurtigruten to Hammerfest and Tromso, then through Lofoten Islands, Fjords to Flam, on to Oslo, and back via Lysebotn to Stavanger. I have been before, twice having done the southern half of this run, getting as far north as Andalsnes.

I've got a question about tyres. On my firt trip, I did a bit of 'exploring' to the west of the E6, in 'Peer Gynt' country. I came across an unmade road there. OK, the 80kph limit meant no real problems, but I was a bit wary, being on road tyres (Avon Venom; it wasn't a GS). Next year, en route to Nordkapp, I plan a diversion to the Sautso canyon. Can anybody advise me on the type of roads I'm likely to meet in these northern reaches? I'm due a new set of shoes. I've always run Tourance, but after reading comments on the forums, I fancy trying a pair of these Trail Attack thingies. But would some knobblies be more advisable for this run?

I haven't had the pleasures of DFDS yet, the last time I went it was Fjord line, and before that Colour Line. I wasn't too convinced about the tying down on the first trip; they just gave me several bits of string and left me to get on with it. Luckily I knew how to do 'Dolly' knots.

I don't like the idea of compulsory cabins with DFDS; I used to prefer the included 'aircraft seat', which meant I could doss down almost anywhere. But then I am a cheapskate! :D Still, as I have to pay full whack for a double cabin, it does at least mean that any unfortunate female I might meet who fancies the trip gets free passage. I should be so lucky! :(

At the moment I'm on my own, but if anyone might fancy joining me (no, that's not an advert for females!) the rough plan is to sail on the 10th June to Bergen, route as above, camping /hytter, with stops of 2-4 days at various places. (Gieranger, Narvik, Sautso, Hammerfest, Lofoten, Flam/Gudvangen, Oslo, Tuddal (near Rjukan) and Prekestolen (Stavanger),
returning from Stavanger on the 3rd July.



Andy B
13-09-07, 14:01
Found DFDS to be fine. First time to Scandinavia for me and the ferry was a real pleasure after Channel ones! So quiet.

Found embarking and dis-embarking efficient and quick. You have to tie your own bike down which was a first for me but all the bikes go straight to the back where there were good (if mucky) straps to fix down with, and plenty of anchor points. There's no sponge to put between the straps and the bike so think about soft items you can use. I ended up using my gloves and a sweat shirt. Another tip I'd suggest - you have to turn the bike round to get it off the ferry when you arrive - think about parking it facing the way you want to go because they will park cars up quite tight to the back of the bikes and there is an element of jostling for position with the cars when you dis-embark.

If you’ve been before, you will know what the prices are like. :eek: The only country I’ve ever visited where I've taken more alcohol than I brought back!:beer:

Have fun!:thumb

13-09-07, 20:33
Hello Chap
I am looking at doing the same trip myself up to Nordkapp roughly the same time you are, two tosser on tour :eek:TTOT sounds catching dont it!? :augie
The only bit I was thinking of doing was to come back via Finland, Denmark, Germany and France. Just think of all them stickers on the paniers :rolleyes:

14-09-07, 23:01
Came back from Nordkapp last month. Travelled via Bergen and back through Finland, Russia (St Petersburg) The Baltic States and Poland. I put on ne Tourances on my 1150 for the trip and found them great. Norwegian roads are generally great which is more than I could say of those in Russia! Over 5,000 miles and there's still plenty left in them.
DFDS are very good. Out bound to Bergen they secured the bike. in from Ijmuiden they supplied ratchet tie downs.
Norway is fantastic but hope you get better weather than we did in the North.
Enjoy the trip.
Cheers, Rob.

03-10-07, 19:33
Hi Guys

I want to do the same trip,would it be possible to join you?
could you please let me know the ins and outs of everything

All the best

22-03-08, 10:56
Hello Sani
I am looking to do the Norway thing end of May (ish) :bounce1
Got loads of maps, books and one of my customers is from Finland and do a lot of touring around Norway and Sweden :D
Got three routes planed (ish), cross the channel, to Denmark or straight to Norway :bounce1 (Top of the list at the mo)
Ur welcome to PM me.

29-03-08, 08:29
Iam planning a round trip this summer but cant leave before june 19th,when I send my wife and daughters off to Thailand for 4 weeks:D
I know all the "nice roads" and what\where you have to go to get the most out of your trip.
This year I will bring my tent\sleepingbag and spend some time fishing too in the north cape area.I will rent some cottage(hytte) when I feal for it,or the rain is to hard.
Oslo-north cape via Lofoten doing all the nice roads on rout.
North Cape -kirkenes(russian border) down trough Finland to Vasa or Åbo-ferry to Sweden,down trough sweden to Oslo.
Clean my bike and undies 1day,then off to sweden-denmark-germany-austria-
italy-france and back to Oslo.Will spend most of my time in the austrian\italien alps which I found to be nice riding country.
ps: I usualy ride long days 500-1000miles a day,but this year will take some time for those umbrealla drinks and some sunshine in the south.

Took a friend of mine from Uk to Northcape last year,from Bergen we did 4000miles in 6.5 day,he came on Avons (ktm adventure),and the cord was visible when on the last day off the trip.
My advice is tourance they will last,dont have to be brand new but not to old eighter.
The reason: up north they run studded tyers on their cars for 6-8 months of the year,the steel studs eat away the soft compound of the tarmac,leaving the small gravel stones,which gives you a tremendous grip,:green gri,but will eat you tyre if riding hard and long.
If possible I can meet up in Bergen\Oslo\Kristiansand on the evening off the 19th and go north.


29-03-08, 21:55
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29-03-08, 23:03
I'm planning my first trip to Norway this year (20th June) we are planning to travel through sweden the a ferry to poland back over to rotterdam - hull

Any advice on where to stay whilst in norway/sweden would be useful! I gead they have camp sites with wooden huts, us needing only a sleeping bag which are quite cheap - what do you think?

30-03-08, 09:59
you going and for how long?
Campsites usualy have cabins for rents and if you go in june there wont be any problems with them being taken early in the day.
I have been all over,and never had a problem.
You can also get a deasent hotel rom(bargain prize) in the summer,lik 30-40-£ a night including breakfast.

01-04-08, 20:56
I'm planning my first trip to Norway this year (20th June) we are planning to travel through sweden the a ferry to poland back over to rotterdam - hull

Any advice on where to stay whilst in norway/sweden would be useful! I gead they have camp sites with wooden huts, us needing only a sleeping bag which are quite cheap - what do you think?

This is the sort of thing,they cost around £20-30 per night



Howard Millichap
07-04-08, 07:34
Exactly the sort of accommodation we used. Available all the way to the Nordkapp. I did the trip in July/August 2003 and never had trouble finding a cabin.

Tourances will be fine. Even the dirt roads are good quality.

14-04-08, 20:35
Done similar too, I used a mix of camping, cabins and youth hostels. Youth hostels can be very good value and will also have full facilities to hand. Two that stand out in my memory are at Narvik and a harbour front one on Lofoten / Vesteralen. I became very good friends with the hostel cat......at least whilst the barbecued fish lasted anyway :D