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15-09-07, 21:27
Hi there, started off with a Funduro, but walking out of Pidcocks saw a 1150GS, did the maths, couldn't afford it but bought it. Best thing I ever did...
Currently work as an aircraft mech, bloody hate the job, it takes me away too much. My ambition is to work with kids
Would love to ride my bike around the world, as I'm sure we all would, however I don't think it'll ever happen. Tho I would love to go on as many outings as possible.Looking forward to meeting everybody, everybody who's enthusiastic about thier GS as I am

15-09-07, 21:31
welcome to the site windy...hope you enjoy :thumb

hope you're biking dreams come true :D

Dave Ford
15-09-07, 21:50
Hi Windy

Returned from Romania last night and off to Bulgaria on Tuesday, so can sympathise with the "away too much" feeling.

By joining this site you've at least gone some way to realising your ambition of "working with kids".

Hope to see you around - I'm on a white 1200 GSA.


23-09-07, 08:48
Thanks for the welcome, what a great community. If anybody from the Derby area is going on a ride out one day please give me a shout, I could do with some experience.

23-09-07, 09:41
Hi Windy, welcome to the forum

Keep an eye out on your regional area ... theres a regular crowd who get-together for rideouts etc or just to meet once in a while for a drink in a pub somewhere.


Have fun and enjoy your stay with us :)

Look forward to meeting you in the future.