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Alte Wolf
18-09-07, 19:42
This is just a few lines to a friend.

Every now and then in life we meet someone who impresses us. When we get to know them a little better we usually become much more impressed :eek:

I would like to 'raise a glass' to someone, whom from the first meeting struck me as someone whom we say in Ireland was ... 'The Real McCoy'.

Time and experience has proven that to be the case. I followed with great interest his travels through South America and enjoyed his travel log and pics.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you God Speed and safe journey Joe in your next adventure and I am so looking forward to reading your Blog and seeing more pics.

You are living what many on these boards dream of and I know that not only will you succeed but you will be an ambassador for all of mankind into the bargain :thumb

I have some pics I mustered from some years ago of your Moto, I reckon she hasn't changed that much :D

I trust she is up to the journey.



Some of the posse that day



18-09-07, 20:18
Looks like I won't make it for your wee leaving spin on Sunday, so want to wish you all the best..
Keep us updated on your travels...want to know the highs and the lows..And if you need anything en-route drop a post and we'll try to sort you out...:thumb2

Now I hope you warned those Ambassidors who granted you those Visas to be prepared for a trail of heartbroken females along your route....Ya charming fecker. :hug

18-09-07, 21:23
Well put Alte. A true and worthwhile sentiment. All the best for the run Joe. :thumb2

18-09-07, 22:34
Ah Jaysus lads, if his head gets any bigger he'll be needing a new helmet before he goes.:aidan

18-09-07, 23:06
Never had the pleasure of meeting you Joe but empathise with Alte's comments and maybe meet up with you on return. Have a safe but eventful trip and keep us all posted on the twists and turns.

If you run into any problems (geez no problems out there only opportunities!) let the tossers know and there is always a solution.

Life is a journey. Why restrict it to the roads you know.

Have a good one


19-09-07, 09:36
Well said Alte. :clap

Joe, have a great time. Send us some stories and pics when you get a chance. And if you ever get in trouble, don't be afraid to ask for help:


19-09-07, 09:58
Nicely put Alte :clap

You just know that Joe is going to be a great ambassodor for both biking & the island of Ireland :aidan

I'm looking forward to joining the farewell posse & then reading all his posts while patiently waiting for the television series :D

Ride safe Joe and remember (just like in Wookies pic) if you need a hand just holler & I'll be right along ;)

20-09-07, 07:48
Have a great journey Joe. Sorry I won't make sunday but is it ok if I come along for the rest of the trip!?* Just had a wee thought:

I think you should get a T' Shirt made.

'Planet Earth - Been there done that!'


20-09-07, 14:04
Our intrepid adventurer has just left JD's after we swapped some tyres and did, ahem, some last minute repairs for him....

You won't recognize him in his shiney new suit courtesy of HG's!

Best of luck out there Joe from all the lads at Joe Duffys.

20-09-07, 14:45
Alte Wolf sums it up perfectly :thumb2

We'll be thinking of you.
spare us a thought now and again.....

...and send us regular updates! :bounce1

:bow To The Celt! :bow

20-09-07, 14:52
Havenít met you Celt, but was admiring your bike outside Bikeworld the other week .:bow

Best of luck on the trip, and donít forget to sign in and keep us posted every now and again.:thumb

All the best.:beerjug:



20-09-07, 20:26
Have a real good trip, I can't make Dublin on Sunday to wave you off.
Come back with some real good stories - may the warm sun dry up the road for you, may the breeze be on always be your back, may you want for nothing but adventure.

the celt
20-09-07, 21:56
Lads I really dont know what to say,
i didnt know about this post until yesterday sitting in
joe duffy's with Andrew when he showed me it (no computer in the house).
To say I had a lump in me throat was an understatement,
I can not thank you all enought, Its amazing thats there me a fella
who rides a moto and you have such kind words I am truly humbled
especially coming from fellow Gser's that I hold in such high regard.
On Sunday before I leave i'll post a full thanks to you all.
Thanks again

20-09-07, 22:48
Pity cant make Sunday cause we are in Wales, but hope all goes well for you and the moto! Richard :clap