View Full Version : What's portugal, Minho valley area like

19-09-07, 16:33
Planning a trip next year and wanted a change from Alps, france, italy etc and thought I might try the Minho valley area in Portugal. Anyone know it? Any comments would be appreciated. I've been to Green Spain, Picos etc., is it similar to there?

24-09-07, 15:28
Just returned from Estoril via Picos and return through Portugal interior. Followed the Michelin green lined roads aiming for picturesque riding. Found only traffic jams, poor tarmac, bad drivers and expensive petrol ie 1.30 euros a litre. We were paying less than 1 euro in Spain. I expect others on here will be along shortly with more information, but I won't be taking the bike there again.

18-11-07, 21:56
Hi - I run a toru compoany based in Portugal and can give you some ideas where to ride on and off raod if you want - Portugal is great, better than all other paerts of Europe if you know where to ride - take a look at - www.motocadia.com and come back to me