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20-09-07, 17:35
hi iam after geting some new pans including frying pan.i have looked but not seen many sets have frying pan combo.any help//? also iam using a msr multi fuel stove ,dose using deisel /heating oil (cheeper and pleanty in tank next door)
burn less fearse than petrol?

20-09-07, 17:47
I use an MSR set that has two pans and a lid that doubles as a frying pan - it is quite heavy as it is in stainless but it has never let me down :thumb

EDIT - BTW - I use a dragonfly with unleaded so it can be set to simmer

20-09-07, 17:50
This is the one:


Ipaid 25 quid for mine at the local camping place a couple of years ago