View Full Version : Import .xls co-ords into Mapsource?

Bin Ridin
25-09-07, 18:11

I don't seem to have any Import button on the File menu on my Mapsource.
Should there be one?

Any way to import .xls data into the Mapsource as waypoints?
The Lat Long are in columns.



25-09-07, 19:16
THat does not exist. But maybe (very maby) this works:

Save the .xls as a .csv file

Use ITN CONVERTER (http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&langpair=fr%7Cen&u=http://benichougps.blogspot.com/) to make a .gpx file of it.
Mapsource reads .gpx

Tell me if it worked..

Bin Ridin
26-09-07, 03:12
That URL blocked here in good old Saudi Arabia - how big is the file download?

Bin Ridin
26-09-07, 03:17
OK, can access from Google - will try it!

28-09-07, 12:37
Great timing :thumb

I was sent an AutoRoute map saved as a .csv file........time to follow ECM's advice to me :D

Doh!.......ITNC fails to import the data.....no 'Itinerary' :(

Import the data in AutoRoute to find that there's folks out there with less understanding of Routes etc than me!.......the data wasn't a Route as such, just a bunch of pins on the map!! :lol
Quick play in AutoRoute, re-save the file and ITNC opens the file and exports to .gpx for MapSource :thumb2

I'm learning :) .............slowly :D

Thanks again ECM :beer:

Bin Ridin
01-10-07, 15:24

Got help here from IT genius.
Format the Excel into 3 columns, named NAME, Latitude, Longitude.
Use XLSConverter to open this and then save as .CSV
Use POIConverter to open this and save as .GDB


175 POI's Bloody clever, too simple for words.


05-10-07, 17:37
Use XLSConverter to open this and then save as .CSV

Why not just select: File / Save As in Excel and choose the .csv file type option....no need for a third part app.

Did you not try ECMs link? ITNConv converts various file types pretty much every which way you could want.......dead simple to use and great the way it integrates with Google Maps.
I've done a summary/write up on ITNConv here (http://www.motorcycleinfo.co.uk/index.cfm?fa=contentGeneric.kpxvskahyouozlms&pageId=130504) with screen shots etc

Bin Ridin
05-10-07, 18:11
Hi Andy,
I was too dumb to figure it out, so the IT genius did it for me!!