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26-09-07, 20:24
Good afternoon, all! (or good evening to most of you)

It's about time I got 'round to my introduction, so here's a brief bit.

I live in the NW part of Wisconsin (USA), quite near Minneapolis/St.Paul , Minnesota. I've been riding an MC since mid-May of this year -- got my MC endorsement and my first bike ('07 f650GS) then. I'm now on an 01 1150GS and have my small GS on the block. In my short time riding, I've put on well near 11k miles, most of it just from my daily commuting.

Ah yes, my commute...as I mentioned, I live in NW WI, but I work in a suburb of the Mpls/St.Paul area. My commute is around 48 miles each way, mostly on a rural highway and through a few small towns. I'm fortunate in that it's a lovely ride along a river valley the entire way and I don't need to spend any time on the freeway/motorway! Oddly enough, most of my colleagues find my commute terribly long, yet they don't realise that they probably spend as much time in their cars as I do, except they're stopped in traffic. Hmm.. :duno
I'm not quite sure I understand their bewilderment, though. It seems that many of you commute a good distance as well, so I feel a bit more at home.

I should also mention that I commute in pretty much all weather. So far this year, I've ridden in thunderstorms with rain blowing sideways, temperatures over 95F and in the past few weeks, riding in the morning when temps have been between 27F and 35F. My goal is to ride so long as there isn't snow on the ground or ice on the roads. If the weather is anything like it's been the past few years, winter will be mild and I'll be able to ride well into November.

I don't know that I'll necessarily be adding much in terms of wisdom, but I know I'll be reading a lot and chiming in when I've got something to say. It's a great site you've got here and I'm glad you've let me join you for a bit. :beerjug:


26-09-07, 20:42
Welcome aboard the madhouse..........this is a great forum, lots of info,lots of stories and even more piss taking......as long as you can cope with the brit sense of humour, you'll do fine.Enjoy your bike.....:clap:thumb


26-09-07, 21:38
welcome to the site, sure you will enjoy.....happy biking :thumb


26-09-07, 21:40
Welcome, indeed :thumb2

Al :D

Dragon Master
26-09-07, 23:20
95F; wot's that then???:D

Welcome to the nut house! (Only been a 'member' a short time myself, but the evidence suggests I'm safe referring to it as such...).


27-09-07, 03:30
Welcome mate, glad to have you on board :thumb2


27-09-07, 06:15
Welcome :thumb2

27-09-07, 06:43
Sounds like a great set-up for a good commute. Enjoy the GS and go looking for those bendy roads some time - the GS is a real hoot.

27-09-07, 07:05
Hello! :beerjug: