View Full Version : I just registered here, heard alot about this forum (only good) ;-)

02-10-07, 09:16

Just registered.

I'm riding motorcycle from 1989, but I'm riding a good motorcycle from 2004. Bought me a R1100GS and even after the motorcycle got stolen in 2005, I bought a R1100GS again.

I love the combination of riding off-road tracks and long travels with this motorcycle!

02-10-07, 09:34
Hi Iker, welcome to the mad house, are you lucky where you live to have long off road tracks? Glad your on the site, good to hear from people in different countries, all the best Dusan :thumb2

02-10-07, 09:59
Hello from sunny Australia, Ik. Plenty on here from all parts so welcome aboard. :clap

02-10-07, 11:27
Welcome to the site from Ireland. Enjoy your stay. Please read the fire evacuation notice in your room. In the interest of the planet, if you wish to have your towels changed please leave them in the bath. If you are willing to use them again, please place them back on the rail. :aidan

wild andy
02-10-07, 14:38
hello buddy hope you are enjoying the sight those gs 1100 are brill , i love mine :hug


02-10-07, 14:39
Hi from a little bit further north :thumb

02-10-07, 18:04
welcome to the site....hope you enjoy :thumb

happy biking :D

02-10-07, 18:24
Welcome to the site!! Enjoy.

02-10-07, 20:42
Hello and welcome to the forum ikerstages, its good to have you with us.