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23-10-07, 07:56

My 1100 GS has a slow puncture, I managed to get enough air into it at home with a bike pump, but i'm not sure it'll have any air by the time i go home tonight.

Anyone know of any mobile tyre companies that will come out to my work in Newbury to sort it out.. or any other suggestions.. someone said call recovery.. but not sure my car policy covers motorcycles.

Any info would be great!



23-10-07, 08:18
You could try

GS Motorcycle tyres 01189629561

He came out to my workplace in Basingstoke so he may be worth a call:nenau

23-10-07, 08:23
Thanks, Just found them on the net too...

They haven't got a BT020 in stock... would have to wait til thursday morning to get it done...

Not sure I fancy staying at work til then :D

I'll keep looking.

23-10-07, 10:57
Micheldever tyres do a mobile service but I'm not sure if they go out to Newbury. Worth a go though.

23-10-07, 11:21
I called them.. as they're only 10 mins from my house... no time to come out today, however i reckon I could ride there, by stopping at Newbury and Tothill service stations to top up the back tyre with air..

I feel an early finish coming on :D

Cheers for the help guys..

24-10-07, 12:44
Well managed to get there.. although the tyre was squeeking on the concrete when I pulled up.. handles sooo bad when proper flat.

Was there all of an hour.. but had to wait for some kid to get his ZZR1100 rear tyre changed.. :eek:

All sorted in half an hour once in there and 110 for a BT020 all up.. not bad..

I'd recommend them..

24-10-07, 15:07
Worth getting a can of tyre weld for those emergency get me home type things IMO

25-10-07, 17:19
or ultraseal - it may prevent the problem in the first place?