View Full Version : Padge, what's the damage = Euros

24-10-07, 11:16
Hi Padge, after seeing your GSA on the trailer at SS1 finish, I thought it looked an expensive repair bill.
Have you had any time to have a good look at the damage and tot up a list of prices?
Not that I'm worried of my GSA being damaged in such a way and having to repair it......:augie


24-10-07, 12:29
I'm waiting for the prognosis from Dr. AR14 at the Joe Duffy medical centre...Although I may keep this one under my hat (wifey occasionaly looks at some posts!!):augie

24-10-07, 12:35
Real bad luck mate - worst bit is missing the rest of the weekend. You should have a quiet word with the lad who has just had his 1200 written off due to left hand side impact ad do a swap before the insurance guys see it.......:augie

24-10-07, 12:43
The patient is currently in theatre,where my medical team are performing a 'gravelectomy'.....

The initial signs are good.

We're expecting a full recovery.

I'll post a full break down of costs for Mrs Padge to see unless the usual bribe is sent.....:augie

25-10-07, 19:40
We're expecting a full recovery.

Great news.