View Full Version : DRZ400S Cold Weather Riders **Read**

14-12-07, 10:51
Suzuki have conveniently forgot to install the carb heater assembly on most S models prior to 2006 and all E models. I never made it to work this morning as bike would go 200 ~ metres then stall at the side of the road for 5 mins while the body defrosted.

For the E model you have to get the KLX parts but for the S Suzuki has three parts - these will be fitted for free under waranty if you ask.

Two parts are #63 & 64 here:


I'm not sure about the wiring harness number. The little element installs near the idle fuel mixture and the heat sensor goes on top of the airbox. Price for three parts is 56.17 (double the price in the U.S :rolleyes:).