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dicky on one
09-02-08, 23:36
hi bin on a test today top dealer at shipley ,are they all worth the cash .i must say my fast white one hasent being bettered ,bad one bmw.esa what a waste of a button:oonyack,hi fluffy you no its all fun:clap:clap:clap

10-02-08, 00:00
is this a coded message? :eek

10-02-08, 00:53
:bounce1 no not code just dicky with a head full off worthy's and types wot he says ,you really need to meet the fellow then all will make sence ??? well some off it at least, :nenau

Angry man
10-02-08, 08:44
Must second dicky's post about Allan Jefferies at Shipley,Very helpfull and a pleasure to deal with will be back there on monday to do a deal.:beerjug:

glenn g
10-02-08, 20:05
Well Kev, she,s agreed to the foul deed has she:thumb You will look tall on that 1150 adv get the begger bought.Its a belter.
just aswell its not got ESA, one wrong push of the button and you,d need platforms like noddy holder:augie

dicky on one
10-02-08, 20:53
ram u code sh*t nd get sum ale down u neck man ? wel dun wee man , :beer::beer::handbag:clap:potkettle AVE IT LARGE

dicky on one
10-02-08, 20:55
is this a coded message? :eek YORKSHIRE MAN ONT ALE read what u see

10-02-08, 21:02
giv it to em all dicky ,they dont no how to drink ?? bet theve never laid down in the same puddle TWICE !!!in as many seconds ,

dicky on one
24-02-08, 21:23
yes the proper northen stuff with bubles and a head ,not your flat and warm stuff form down there ****:beer::beer::beer::bow:bow ps is this the angry man when hes is mothered or what:eek