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Two wheels good
13-03-08, 13:08
Every third knobblie has worn down on my front tyre (DR350, Trelleborg), yet there's lots of rubber on the others. Friends have commented that they've seen similar on other trail bikes but couldn't suggest a reason. The worn knobblies are slightly wider .
Any ideas?


14-03-08, 19:35
Arr! you've got one like that have you:rob That'll be the way the wheel goes round Hmm!??? I'll go have a look at mine.

Well just looked, mines nothing like yours :nenau Mind you nor's the bike.

Check your forks maybe not enough damping or a fork seal blown, allowing your front wheel to do what they call patter. A fairly common cause of uneven wear.
Knobblies do wear differently from road tyres though so it might just be a characteristic of that particular make reacting to the weight and suspension of the bike it's fitted to.