View Full Version : Dodgy rear shock

15-04-08, 21:26
Hi All,

After the latest muddy run through the lanes I have cleaned off the drz but it would appear that the rear shock is weeping oil :eek I have stuck a drip tray under it and collected a good few ml in total - I doubt there is much left in there!

Is it worth rebuilding one of these? There is one on ebay for 20 at the moment (in unknown condition - reported to be good) which is an option. Anyone else seen this? I don't do many miles on it as it is my trail assault weapon.



Phil Clarke
17-04-08, 10:16
Shock is rebuildable so I guess its a case of deciding to sort what you have or take a chance on an ebay special which may also be bust. Or do both. Buy the ebay one get yours rebuilt, put the rebuilt one on the bike and then sell the other one on ebay again? Will save down time on the bike....