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21-06-08, 13:01
Just a quick note of thanks to Stumpy for his post on making up a Canbus GPS cable, has just saved me a lot of head scratching connecting up my Zumo to my new R1200GS. I thought it might also be useful to point out the location of the Canbus socket on the latest bikes: It is on the RHS of the bike (looking forward) just above the horn. There are two sockets piggy backed and tie wrapped to the loom, they are most easily accessed / viewed looked back through the forks.



21-06-08, 13:11
..... but on some 2008 models, such as mine, it is immediately behind the oil cooler, as it is, I believe, on the GSA models ;)


21-06-08, 13:19
Yep behind the oil cooler on my '08 1200GS that was delivered at end of May


21-06-08, 15:06
Definitely nothing behind the cooler on mine. Does yours cut off the power immediately the ignition is switched off or is there a delay? (Mine delays by exactly 1 minute.)

21-06-08, 16:22
Yep, mine has the delay, about a minute.

Thunder posted pictures of where the socket should have been, as you say, by the horn. I searched high and low, unclipped cables, couldn't find the blasted thing, then just happened to glance up to the Oil Cooler and there it was. A sod to get at too!

As I said, I believe the GSAs have them in this area, so I wonder if at some time they started using the same loom as the GSA :nenau
I picked mine up early March.


21-06-08, 16:24
I haven't timed it but there is a delay that is probably 1 minute and AFAIK this is a designed in delay to give you chance to correctly power down any devices that don't have batteries when you switch off.

Not sure why the socket can be in at least 2 places - the only thing I would say is cos I is a short person I did not go for the ESA but went for the new lowered option - wonder if the wiring loom is different if ESA is not involved. - Note i do have ABS, RDC (TPM) and ASC

21-06-08, 16:30
- wonder if the wiring loom is different if ESA is not involved. -

Nope, I have ESA and all the other electronic extras.