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21-07-08, 08:50
we,on a couple of gss, are going to alba,not far from torino next week,for family/business reasons.looking for a fastish route through france but to take in some nice routes the other end.i have noted some places to stay off the site around annecy. any help appreciated.:beerjug:

21-07-08, 16:43
The 'other end' of where?

The route to Annecy from the French coast is easy, albeit quite a long way.

Motorway (fast or fastish) or a mixture of A, N or D roads, fastish or slowish, depending on the road or how long you dick about.

From Annecy to Turin, is similarly easy.

Sweet Jesus! Do these people not have a map or are they simply too lazy or insecure to look at it? I notice that you start your request with, we,on a couple of gss. This inplies there are two of you on large motorcycles? Get together with your mate and work it out. Who knows, you may just discover a road or two that is of interest.

21-07-08, 17:00

If you provide a few more details - how long you have available to get there, where you'll be staying and so on, it'll be easier to give more helpful information. Havign said that, there must be a gerzillion alternative routes, and any one person will only be able to talk abotu the ones we've done.

Personally, I'd do a 600-mile autoroute day to Grenoble or somewhere, to give more time to play in the Alps. Others might take six days and not go near a dual carriageway.

Tell us what you're after, and someone will jump in with recommendations.



21-07-08, 17:46
i'll stick with the map then............

21-07-08, 18:38
i'll start with the map then............


Go in peace....

21-07-08, 19:22
gone.............bad day at the office?:kissy2

21-07-08, 22:42
If you're considering different ways to cross the Alps, take a look at THIS SITE (http://www.alpineroads.com).

How you get down towards the Alps is up to you. You could take autoroutes all the way to Lyon, then turn left, or for much mor interesting more interesting roads work your way down the Eastern borders of France - Ardennes, Vosges, Jura and Alps - but that won't meet your needs for "fast-ish".

To get to the Med coast from the alps, you could take the Route Napoleon through the lowish Alps, ot the Route des Grandes Alps to cross all the highest passes. The RGA is really a two day trip on its own from Lake Geneva to the coast, so although the roads and scenery are top class, you might not have the time.

If you have the chance, the road from Cuneo in Italy to Sospel is fantastic. And from Sospel north is the col de something or other beginnign with T I think but I just can't remember, but it's the D2566 and the D70, is the twistiest road in the world.

So, to summarise: autoroutes or N roads or a combination of the two to Dijon on day one. I'd skirt to the South of Paris via Evreux, Dreux, Chartres, Pithiviers and Auxerre. That's about 350 miles, and the N roads are fairly fast open roads, too. Loads of choices for day two, but from Annecy you can take in Val d'Isere and a couple of other high passes on the way to Torino, although acual border crossings are limited to a choice of one or two. As it's the Alps, you might want to see how the weather is when you're there, and decide whether to take a pass of go for a tunnel (Mont Blanc or frejus).

22-07-08, 07:20
thanks robin,very helpful.........was on that site all yesterday.just posted a link to a site i found out there.:beerjug: