View Full Version : Garmin World Map v4

John Armstrong
21-08-08, 11:40
Anybody tried it yet? Any better / worse that the previous versions?


21-08-08, 13:31
I've loaded one into my GPS few days ago.

Detail is relatively poor, main roads, main towns, etc, certainly not for trail-road seekers. But then again, it's a good compromize between size and detail. Takes around 150-190MB whole World into your GPS (in comparison: US of America full map is 4-8GB for example, so you know how much detail there is in 200MB covering the whole World).

Did I mention Estonian town names are a humor in World map v4? :D

Anyways, hopefully it keeps me "mildly" on track for my future travels - just don't have enough to spend for each third-world country I'm visiting... and I'd prefer to have smaller roads + trail roads marked everywhere.

So I'll always keep my proper paper detailed maps and compass with me tho.

John Armstrong
21-08-08, 13:39
Thanks for that. One use I'm going to use if for is when I got to the Falklands in just over a week.

There's not too many roads there, but I fancy using the GPS to see how many miles there is to go to ASI and then MPN :o

Howard Millichap
22-09-08, 16:25
My new Zumo550 seems to have this already loaded as a base map. e.g. I can zoom in to New Zealand or Seth Effrica. Unless, of course, they've vastly improved "World Map" from my old version.