View Full Version : AC10/MT320 Tyre pressures

02-09-08, 22:25
I have no idea what sort of pressure I should be running in this rear/front combo on my DRZ-E. Road use and light laning only at the moment, no really sticky stuff.

Any fonts of all knowledge out there enlighten me? :nenau

02-09-08, 22:28
AC10, run 18psi with tyre clamps front and rear.

02-09-08, 22:28
Roads: I'd run 26-28
Trails: 14-16

03-09-08, 22:41
Thanks for the info.

It looks like i'll be doing quite a bit of road work to get to lanes so for now i'll want keep the pressures on the higher side of whats been suggested so it looks like 24ish maybe:nenau.

Its got rim locks so I can take it down lower if necessary:thumb

04-09-08, 09:30
I'm defo no expert Rushy, had to ask a similar question on here myself, but FWIW I run my tyres (Bridgestone Grittys) at 18 on the road and off.

Like you I have to do a fair bit of tarmac to get to any trails and the above seems to work fine off and on road, and there is no faffing about changing pressures.