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14-08-02, 19:56
Ok, I am looking for advice from all of those of you that know.
are the Olhins worth the extra cash or is it buy Britsh buy better?



14-08-02, 21:38
Ohlins -you retain the remote preload adjuster

Goosey Gander
15-08-02, 06:34
We've now done 17,000 hard miles on our massively overloaded GS and havn't had so much as a squeek out of the shock.


Rob Farmer
03-09-02, 05:37

The Hagons have a remote preload adjuster. I've been watching the shock arguments with interest, my rear shock is rapidly failing, and I still haven't made up my mind.
I also like the idea of buying British when I can.


Rob Farmer

03-09-02, 06:09
Sorry Rob - I stand corrected , probably getting confused between Maxtons (which don't have a remote hydraulic pre-load)
and Hagons.
Ohlins I think probably have a sexier image - due to their Race exploits , but Hagons are British.
Rebuilding the Ohlins is quite reasonable (by Harris Performance - the UK importers) about 75 for each shock , including new spring, bushes and seals and if you visit in person will set the bike up for you.
My Ohlins shock has been ok for the last 20,000 miles

03-09-02, 07:54
I've been using a WP rear shock for seven years now,
six years two 1100's and a year ago I had it adjusted and serviced for the 1150. After 220.000km it still works fine.

One of the reasons went for a WP is the fact that it could be customised, without extra costs, for my weight and driving style.
I'm using a heavier spring (+50kg) because I mostly travel with pillion and a lot of camping gear.

If I look at the prices here, there's not much difference between the Ohlins, WP and Technoflex. But of the WP and the Technoflex I know you can have them custom built. (And Technoflex is only a 20km ride, WP 40 km)

Perhaps interesting to have a look at those before buying a Ohlins shock...

03-09-02, 08:28
Fournales v's Bedspring.


Simon Eassom
03-09-02, 11:14
I'm about to take the plunge and swap to either Ohlins or WP. I've phoned round three performance and tuning specialists around the country for their opinions.

To begin with, the price is about the same (800 for front and rear), except the WP rear is more expensive if you include a remote pre-load adjuster.

375 front (inc VAT)
410 rear (inc VAT)
350 front (inc VAT)
455 rear (inc VAT)
These are prices from suppliers not the main distributor so you could get them cheaper.

Nobody has reported any misgivings about either system but everybody said the same: in their opinion the Ohlins are better made.

If you go for Ohlins, Bracken have some in stock. For WP try Wayne on 01507 327509. Chris Emerson (Chris the Colonel) is very happy with his WPs. He had them fitted and set up by Chris Wood Racing on 01296 336750.

Simon E.

03-09-02, 12:17
I am still waiting for my rear to turn up. They have the front but what with Germany being under water and all it is taking a while for them to arrive.

BTW Bracken was the best price I could find and nothing is too mnuch bother.

I too tried suspension places but they were jap sports orientated. So I am going to fit mine myself.

Howard Millichap
03-09-02, 19:06
What's Germany got to do with it? Ohlins are made in Sweden.

04-09-02, 08:01
Originally posted by Howard Millichap
What's Germany got to do with it? Ohlins are made in Sweden.

That is what the nice man from Bracken told me.