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(RIP) sherpa
31-01-04, 18:28
Neee some advice please guys and gals!
The missus and I and a couple of friends are going to Dublin in early March by foot on the Seacat thingy from Holyhead.
Can anyone recommend a nice overnight in Holyhead, or close enough by for the boat, (we intend to drive from Sheffield to Holyhead then abandon the car for the weekend) and then we need a decent, but not too expensive, hotel in Dublin for the weekend stay.
Thanks in advance - I'm sure the advice will be good

31-01-04, 20:59
Hey Sherps

I was in Dublin not too too long ago

Had a fantastic weekend staying at the Clarence right in the centre of the city. Some might say a little pricey but then again you only get what you pay for!!


01-02-04, 10:34
Try the Gresham, usually has deals at this time of the year. Jurys have several hotels in Dublin and you pay by the room

(RIP) sherpa
01-02-04, 15:00
Thanks chaps
Swooper -I'm only a poor manual worker you know but thanks for the advice
Hillhound- thankyou we'll give them a try.
Any one else know of anywhere else to call and anything worth checking out whilst in Dublin

shuck raider
01-02-04, 15:36
Depends what kind of stuff you're into - the museums and art galleries are great - National Gallery is brilliant, for example if you like that stuff. If the missus is into shopping, she'll be in her element. Or you can catch one of those city sight-seeing buses, hop on or off where you fancy and you get to see a lot of the city in relative comfort. Most people like to visit the Guinness brewery, free samples! That's on the bus route too.

No doubt the Dublin GSers will post further info........

02-02-04, 11:31
For hotels, try Jurys Doyle. http://www.jurysdoyle.ie/
Best balance is Jurys Christchurch. PRices are always pretty good (possibly 60-80 quid a night) Very Central as it's only about 5 minute walk to Templebar for you, and 10 min walk to Grafton Street for the misses' shopping. It's only about 5 mins to Guinness.

Lastminute.com have frequent deals to Jurys Christchurch.

As for stuff to do in Dublin.... Drinking and eating is probably the only decent option.. Other than that there are the Bus tour, The Guinness tour and the Jameson Whiskey tour (9 free shots of various Whiskeys). Most of these finish at about 5pm though.

There is a ghost tour of Dublin aswell that I heard is quite good (when you're drunk).. Not sure of details though.

I'm entertaining a group from Singapore, Germany, Israel, France, Switzerland and Crawley this week.
Normally itinery is
Johnny Foxes if we can get it (Food and Dancing. Touristy but good craic)
Oliver St John Gogartys in Templebar (Good food, not cheap but portions are huge)
One of the Grayhound tracks(Shelbourne or Harolds Cross)
Giunness and Jameson tour.

I'm sure you'll get more suggestions..

PS.. Don't forget.. March 17th is St Paddys day..