View Full Version : Triumph Street Triple - Anyone ridden one?

Navy Boy
14-05-09, 11:17
Hi All

I'm thinking of test riding a Street Triple this next weekend. Has anyone had experience with these and if so what did you think?


14-05-09, 12:04
lovely bikes - engine is a peach. The standard one has softer suspension but the R firms everything up and has much sharper brakes.

try www.street-triple.co.uk for more information.

or you can ask me any specifies. I am sure someone has written about it on this forum.


Navy Boy
14-05-09, 12:18
Thanks Sam

Although I'm going to ride the R its the standard one I'm looking to buy. The differences don't seem worth it to me and I'm not one for fiddling with suspension unless there's something really wrong with it. ;)


14-05-09, 12:23
The Mrs has a 2007 ST3 small, light & quick she loves it and it sounds good with the Zard silencers as well, brought from Raffettys in Fareham they still had a demo last time i was there, you would have to buy the R model now as the suspension & stoppers are much better.
bit small for me though

Navy Boy
14-05-09, 14:14
Thanks Taz

Yes, Raffs do still have the R demo (That's the one I'm riding this coming Sat) however I'm still convinced that the standard model is fine for me.

I'm rather looking forward to it now. :thumb

14-05-09, 14:49
I know someone who bought the R version and had to take it to MCT in Stowmarket to have the suspension worked on as it was very firm.

17-05-09, 17:07

I got the standard, the R is slightly better everywhere slightly but its more focussed in terms of seating position and the brakes are sharper (which in damp conditions maybe too fierce).

I use my bike for commuting and for that the standard is fine.


Big Den
19-05-09, 05:38
I have the R and agree the std one is propably a better road bike as the R suspension is harsh on the road, they are mechanically noisy but do sound good with the typical Triumph whistle, i test rode the R with arrows and race map, it was very very nice, linear power, smooth fueling, lot of stainless used. Just watch the paint finish on the tank, seen a few where the knees have rubbed he paint off, maybe worth fitting something to protect them from new.
My view is they are great, i commute on mine and its a screamer, i will do a trackday this year on it and wouldn't discount a tour. As said the R has Daytona suspension and brakes and the riding position is pitched forward which may not suit all. Excellent value in the current climate, must still be overpaying matelots then :D

Navy Boy
19-05-09, 08:55
Well, went for my ride on Sat. What a cracking machine. I rode the R model and have bought the standard model as I don't need the fancy brakes and suspension.

Engine, seating position and fuelling all spot on and I can't wait to get my hands on it this next weekend. Apart from the tank paint what other pointers do people have? :thumb2

19-05-09, 16:55
Brill bike, highley recommended.....made an instant fatal error and chopped it against a heap o shite called Kawasaki:(

Big Den
20-05-09, 05:18
Nowt really, so far anyway but only done 1200 mls, just need to keep an eye on the oil level cos they like a drop.

Tartan Terror
21-05-09, 08:40
Good choice there and hope you enjoy the new bike. What's the lead time on these just now? My brother went to buy one last year and was told 5-6 months and that time but I guess things have settled down now.

Brilliant bike to pull mingers on so I'm told! :)

Navy Boy
25-05-09, 11:54
Hi All

Some feedback following getting my white ST this last Saturday.

In short this bike is brilliant fun! Sharp handling, cracking riding position and lovely motor. Be aware that there's a large discrepancy between what the tank sticker says ref running-in and what is stated in the owner''s handbook. Interesting should there ever be any bother from Triumph relating to incorrect running-in... :augie

Tartan Terror - I managed to get my white bike in one week as they had one in the shop. Had I wanted Black or Roulette Green I'd have had to wait until late June. Fortunately I like all 3 colours so it wasn't much of an issue for me.

My only quibbles thus far are things that can be adjusted out (Throttle too slack and clutch needs a bit of adjustment) but then that's all part of the enjoyment of having a new machine I find. Also the non-adjustable suspension isn't an issue for me as it removes the temptation to fiddle. Instead giving you more of a reason to simply get out there and ride the thing!


27-05-09, 19:46
The paintwork is very poor and I ended up buying a baglux cover to protect the tank.

Dont bother with the R&G tail tidy, its expensive and not that well made. My paint is peeling and by putting it on it leaves a whole bunch of gaps on the underside through which a lot of dirt gets through. If you really want to get rid of the rear end, just cut the original.

Everything else just seems to work.



Navy Boy
28-05-09, 06:50
Thus far I have no intention of modifying anything bar protecting the tank paint.

Exhaust - Standard sounds plenty good enough for me.

Tail - Standard bracket looks fine to me and is very handy for bungying the tailpack to.

As you say everything else just seems to work. Ruddy cracking machine and British too. Even better. I even bought a Union Jack Shark helmet to wear with it! :thumb2

Big Den
28-05-09, 08:15
Fitted a venture shield kit to mine, i have met 3 guys who have problems with the paint either side of the tank where knee's touch and BIKE mag has a readers letter two months running complaining about it, spoke to a couple of dealers both say they have not had any issues :augie