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Paul Wakefield
26-10-09, 18:22
At the risk of raising MMC's blood pressure to new heights, I see Oxfordshire CC managed to get 2 full pages of new/revised speed limits into the Oxford Times last week.

62 new limits. What fun.

The only (very small) consolation is that a few are being raised or removed.

26-10-09, 21:41
As you know we have had a silly 20mph limit in and around
the centre of Oxford for quite a few months Now! Ok, Yes in some of the back streets you would be lucky to get beyond that, So there i was riding
out along ST.Giles (duel carriageway, ish) like i normally do, Looked down at speedo 40mph!! Not a lot you would think But twice the limit!!!
Would this (if caught) be a instant ban?? Twice the limit?
Chuffin scary in it.:mad:

12-02-10, 20:27
...and despite the Police objecting to 27 of the limit reductions, it was reported in the Oxford Mail tonight that the County Council Numpties have approved all the changes, with the exception of one which would have increased a 30 limit to a 40.

What is it with these people? :nenau :mad:

13-02-10, 09:50
Paul - are these MORE limits?

They've just imposed (meeting last Thursday) 48 new 30-40-50 limits. Please tell me these aren't yet more.

13-02-10, 12:59
not just oxfordshire across the boarder in bucks the speed limits are dropping even the police are agianst most of them

Paul Wakefield
14-02-10, 09:06
Nope - these are the same ones thank gawd. My original post was in October last year and this thread has suddenly come back to life. :)

I see they managed to reject one of the limit increases.

Even the police can't stop them.

Why don't they just bite the bullet and bring the man back with the red flag? Solve unemployment at a stroke.

14-02-10, 09:28
Why don't they just bite the bullet and bring the man back with the red flag? Solve unemployment at a stroke.

Ah - spotted the date.

You know, I'm seriously thinking about a protest ride/drive through Poxford led by a man with a red flag.

The only thing that stops me is that the bunnyhuggers, bleeding hearts, Divinity Road Trendy Lefties and Sacred Cyclists would think we were suggesting it as a serious road safety policy. :blast

14-02-10, 11:42
There's got to be some angle here by which someone could cause the Oxford Apparatchik's some grief. Two things spring to mind:

These government-mandated speed limit "reviews" were supposed to result in speed limits being set logically and consistently. OCC's interpretation fails that objective miserably;
Implementing these new limits will waste circa 160k on new signage, plus an indeterminate increase in the cost of enforcement. (Thames Valley Constabulary have already said they don't have the resources to do it at present so, by definition, there must be an increased cost)
Any ideas how these or any other objections could be brought to bear?

Kalahari Meerkat
16-02-10, 21:02
Would one required permission from the power that be for a road protest? For example a number of staggered extremely slow convoy rides on targeted roads that will clogg up Oxford(shire) on a very busy day!