View Full Version : Rat Runs: Aldermaston to Salisbury Sat 21st May

19-05-10, 16:23
I am planning a ride to the Salisbury Plain via my favorite linked up byways.
Starting at 9.30am at the Total Garage on the A4 at Aldermaston.
The ride will take us through Bucklebury, Hermitage and Chieveley, the Ridgeway (brieflly) then back down the A34 to Faccomb, along the Wayfarers to the plain.

The aim is to be on the plain between 12.30 and 1pm. With the afternoon devoted to 'free play'.
All GS able with Knobbies (TKC etc), Bushpig may make it if he fixes his bike in time.

PM me if you must, or see you at the Total on the A4 at 9.30, text me on 07732485854 if you want.

19-05-10, 16:26
Change of date (lol) the day in question is a Saturday, this Saturday
the 22nd! Row

23-05-10, 07:43

Missed this - but please let me know if you are doing it again (am relatively close!)