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19-02-11, 10:26
I work for Sainsbury's which will help to explain why i am doing the below charity rid event. Please sponsor me if you can - no donation is too small.

Leading up to Easter I will be doing a charity event which I have devised.

What Am I Doing?
I will be travelling by motorcycle to the most northerly, easterly, southerly and westerly Sainsbury’s stores. Unfortunately, due to time constraints I will not be visiting Northern Ireland.

From those stores I will collect Easter eggs and deliver them to the local children’s hospital/hospice/home as chosen by that stores.

The plan is to leave SSC Holborn on the morning of Thursday 14th April, visit our stores in Helston (S), Tenby (W), Berryden (N), Great Yarmouth (E) and return to SSC Holborn the afternoon of Wednesday 20th April. In total I will be travelling approx 2000 miles but I will not be using motorways – only A and B roads.

Sounds easy but when you include the travel to the store, traffic, weather, collecting the Easter eggs, travel to the local hospital/hospice/home and onward travel to an overnight stay it all adds up to a long day in the saddle!

This link gives you an idea of the route that I will be taking.

http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=London+EC1N+2HT&daddr=Helston+TR13+8BN+to:Tenby+SA70+7LT+to:Aberde en+AB25+3SA+to:Great+Yarmouth+NR30+1NN+to:London+E C1N+2HT&hl=en&geocode=FVYYEgMdBVn-_ynN2DIHTRt2SDFYP2Asoa1Cmg%3BFa9b_AIdL7Sv_ynryLY2k CdrSDHH8O6UdTY07g%3BFeJxFAMdqjq4_yl34yDKfctuSDEaUO TH1046tA%3BFcEnaAMdp77f_ym_j3_NHQ6ESDGQ0TzPSw34dA% 3BFUjBIgMd32QaACn795L2gwbaRzEsJXVyEBrUKw%3BFVYYEgM dBVn-_ynN2DIHTRt2SDFYP2Asoa1Cmg&mra=ls&dirflg=h&sll=53.625265,-1.76936&sspn=18.382494,39.418945&ie=UTF8&z=6

Why Am I Doing This?

Basically, to cheer up a child’s life with an Easter egg. Also to raise funds for Comic Relief but to promote Sainsbury’s, the IT Service Desk and the stores that I am visiting. Also because I like motorcycling!

How Can You Help?
I would appreciate assistance in couple of ways:

1) Monetary donations directly to me in order for Easter Eggs to be purchased.
PM me if you want to take this option.

2) By donating into my Just Giving charity account for Red Nose Day. http://my.rednoseday.com/personalPage.aspx?registrationID=347694

Thanks for reading this.

Nomad biker
28-02-11, 11:04
I'll wing you a tenner for your petrol..Paul

28-02-11, 20:35
Thanks Pauly.

04-03-11, 18:21
Joe put me down for £100, will sort the money out when we meet at the AH run.


04-03-11, 21:17
Mike, welcome back.
Thanks for that. Did you put too many zero's on the end?
Just want to double check.

When are you going to subscribe - want to send you a PM about your Streetguard suit.

Nomad biker
04-03-11, 22:22
Mike has set the pace, dig deep.long arms shallow pockets..

05-03-11, 04:51
Mike, welcome back.
Thanks for that. Did you put too many zero's on the end?
Just want to double check.

When are you going to subscribe - want to send you a PM about your Streetguard suit.

right number of zero's.

i'm not going to.

05-03-11, 08:25
Well, thank you very much for those zero's :thumb

05-03-11, 08:26
Well, thank you very much for those zero's :thumb

your very welcome.

Nomad biker
05-03-11, 09:56
re-opening yuor old account which was subscribed already and change the name over to bert t t, sorted and free.

05-03-11, 13:41
re-opening yuor old account which was subscribed already and change the name over to bert t t, sorted and free.

don't know if I can do that, as I can't contact BHT.

Unless you want to for me. xx

Nomad biker
05-03-11, 19:23
i pm'd him a while ago alas no reply.

22-03-11, 16:53
Well, the 14th April is nearly upon me and still frantically trying to finalise my plans.

RND has been and gone but people like me are still participating in events to try and raise funds for Comic Relief. Therefore, should you still wish to donate then please see my link in posting #1 and below.

My charity ride has a primary theme which is Easter. It is not a Bible Crusade but purely a means of trying to cheer up a child's day with a meaning behind it.
Should you wish to donate to help me purchase Easter eggs then please PM me.

My route (only using A/B roads) and itinary is :

Day 1 - Leaving London 09:30 and onto Exeter.
Day 2 - Exeter to Helston by 09:00, collect eggs, give to recipients and then onto Barry in Wales.
Day 3 - Barry to Tenby by 09:00, collect eggs, give to recipients and then travel to Scottish Borders (got nowhere to stay yet :augie).
Day 4 - Scottish Borders to Berryden (Aberdeen) by 10:00, collect eggs, give to recipients and then to Hawick.
Day 5 - Hawick to Lincoln (rest day).
Day 6 - Lincoln to Attleborough (rest day).
Day 7 - Attleborough to Great Yarmouth by 09:00, collect eggs, give to recipients and then back to London (Holborn) for the finish, hopefully by 15:00.

I would like to say a big THANKS to the Tossers for giving me a bed for the nights and the person who offered to ride along part of my route with me. I will mention them personally post event.

Don't forget, PM me if you would like to donate to my fund to buy Easter eggs or donate to Comic Relief HERE (http://my.rednoseday.com/personalPage.aspx?registrationID=347694)

01-04-11, 08:41
Your Red Nose Charity account has increased by £20 :)

Well done Joe and good luck. :clap :thumb2


Richard. :)

P. S.

I ticked the box for the tax free gift aid thingy.

01-04-11, 19:25
Thank you so much.


01-04-11, 20:40
Thank you so much.


Hello Joe,

You're most welcome. :thumb2

Every little helps. Good luck and best wishes with your fund raising, hope you achieve your aims.

Take care and ride safe.

Richard. :)

13-04-11, 19:38
Well Ladies & Gents.
The time has come for me to say bye for a week as I am off on my charity ride tomorrow.

13-04-11, 20:18
Good luck. Keep us updated.

Ceri JC
15-04-11, 16:53
*Goes upstairs to tidy spare room for Joe's arrival*

15-04-11, 19:58
And very tidy it is :)

17-04-11, 20:57
Well, I have visited Sainsbury's stores in Helston (south west), Tenby (west) and Berryden (north). Only east to go (Great Yarmouth) which I will be visiting on Wednesday.
So far I have donated over 200 Easter eggs to various childrens organisations.

Nomad biker
18-04-11, 12:14
keep going mate.good luck.
you are a real hero.

19-04-11, 08:54
Joe continues his round UK ride - left Lincoln this morning :thumb2


19-04-11, 15:55
Thanks Jeremy for the overnight stay and food.

I am in Attleborough (Norfolk) today seeing a relative.
Got to be at Great Yarmouth by 09:00 tomorrow, then drop off the Easter eggs at the James Paget hospital in the same town and then return back to the Sainsbury's head office by mid-PM.

I am still waiting for press releases to be released but below is one from Sainsbury's for one of my visits.


02-05-11, 12:07
Well, I completed the charity event on Wednesday 20th April and have now totalled up the amount of all money raised but before getting to ‘that figure’ let me tell you where the Easter eggs went to :

Helston – most south westerly store
50 Easter eggs went to the Children’s Hospice South West (www.CHSW.org.uk)
’At Children’s Hospice South West we care for children who have illnesses which mean they will die before reaching adulthood. We provide expert care for them, their parents and well siblings.’

A Sainsbury’s Corporate feature on this visit can be viewed at http://www.j-sainsbury.co.uk/index.asp?PageID=424&Year=2011&NewsID=1522

Tenby – most westerly store
80 Easter eggs went towards the Tenby Youth Group and the Avenue Centre.
The Youth Group is a youth group (!) and the Avenue Centre helps to support mentally disabled individuals.

A local news report on my visit can be found at http://www.tenby-today.co.uk/news.cfm?id=15148&headline=Sainsbury%E2%80%99s%20colleague%20goes%20 the%20eggs-tra%20mile%20to%20deliver%20Easter%20cheer%20to%20 charities%20in%20Tenby

Berryden Road (Aberdeen) – most northerly store
A total of 105 Easter eggs were donated to this store.
51 eggs went to a local organisation which helps support people with learning difficulties – Inspire (http://www.inspireonline.org.uk)
‘Inspire aims to offer opportunities for an excellent quality of life to people with learning disabilities in North East Scotland.’

54 eggs went to the local children’s A&E department at the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital (http://www.nhsgrampian.org/nhsgrampian/gra_display_hospital.jsp?pContentID=368&p_applic=CCC&pElementID=34&pMenuID=3&p_service=Content.show&). Unfortunately I could not spend much time here as, being a weekend, there were reduced staff available and a young child was being flown in by helicopter so everybody was required for this.

Great Yarmouth – most easterly store
36 eggs were given to the children’s ward in the James Paget University Hospital (www.jpaget.nhs.uk)
The hospital limited the amount of eggs to 36.

Some of you will notice that Helston is actually the most SW and westerly location at the same time. This is true but I wanted to use four stores in the UK but could not include Northern Ireland due to time constraints.

Now the money I raised :
£280 via the collection tin that I rattled around various places
£100 from Sainsbury’s Charities Dept towards purchasing Easter eggs
£784 via the Red Nose Day website and paper sponsorship forms
£200 from Sainsbury’s Charities Dept to go the RND but this is to be confirmed

So in total, I (or should I say ‘we’) have raised a minimum of £1164 which I hope will finally total out at £1364.

There are many people to thank but rather than state names I will just say thank you to people who donated money, people at Sainsbury’s Store Support Centre for helping me with the planning and promoting of this event, people who came to see me off at the start, members of this forum who generously gave me free lodgings and food for the night, the manager of Sainsbury’s Hawick store for the use of a spare room and my family for putting up with me whilst I spent a lot of time at home planning and implementing this event.

Thank you all so much.
Joe Callaghan