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24-02-11, 12:01
Guys I have remus headers no cat i want it mat black ,paint or ceramic coating? If someone can recomend a heat resistant paint that would be cool ,I know there is a company in Warrington that does ceramic coating i have not got a clue about price? ,This little venture is purely for cometic purposes i am thinking less cleaning and it will look better with the black engine on my 2004 1150 adv, :augieI know someone will be along in a minute to say they look good blue or brown but everyone to there own

25-02-11, 16:17
Try these guys


25-02-11, 17:16
Try these guys


+1, they did on for me a few years ago, recommended :thumb

25-02-11, 17:52
+2 - had my Buell's headers done - came up great!

25-02-11, 18:35
I've used this before on car exhaust manifolds and it has worked well.

http://www.frost.co.uk/item_Detail.asp?productID=9134&frostProductName=Silver%20High%20Temp%20Coating%20 (333g)&catID=&frostCat=&frostSubCat=&subCatID=


25-02-11, 18:50
...my Buell's headers done ...

bit off topic, there's a few ex-Buell owners that moved over to the GS :D

25-02-11, 20:10
bit off topic, there's a few ex-Buell owners that moved over to the GS :D

I went from Ulysses to GS purely 'cause of my back. Loved my Buells (I've had 4)

Had a second Ulysses but couldn't really afford both.

I've loved my GSs, but you know what, my Buells (collectively) had fewer problems!

25-02-11, 23:14
+1, they did on for me a few years ago, recommended :thumb

Any idea of the price?

25-02-11, 23:35
Remus Headers :nenau never seen a set of remus headers,
Remus Y piece yes.
Remus tailpipe yes.
After much research to find replacement headers for an 1150GSA.
I found 1 company in OZ/NZ who made a few sets of complete systems,[no longer available] but on one else other than BMW.

An older member here is having a set of 1150 headers ceramic coated as i type.
price roughly 100 including post [i think]

# Part Number Description
01 18111342953 EXHAUST MANIFOLD, LEFT x1 $358.68
02 18117653274 CLAMP - D=45 0.34 x1 $19.25
03 18111342954 EXHAUST MANIFOLD, RIGHT x1 $358.68
04 18217653602 EXHAUST PIPE NUT x4 $3.32
05 18211342463 EXHAUST SEAL 0.01 x2 $7.18
total $765.31 or 500 in sterling.FFS.

<a target='_blank' title='ImageShack - Image And Video Hosting' href='http://img816.imageshack.us/i/b0002716.png/'><img src='http://img816.imageshack.us/img816/7812/b0002716.png' border='0'/></a>

26-02-11, 07:53
Had my Buell header ceramic coated satin silver for, I think, about 70 (I certainly remember it being considerably less than 100 - but then Buell headers are one piece and maybe an easier/simpler job)

They had a pretty substantial scratch on he bend too, which came up pretty good

26-02-11, 16:19
+1 had an M2 Cyclone, before it shook itself to bits....

bit off topic, there's a few ex-Buell owners that moved over to the GS :D

27-02-11, 10:36
Any idea of the price?

Depends on exhaust, I had a full system done on a HD Street Glide @ 350, and that was 4 years ago, but that's a lot of exhaust! :thumb