View Full Version : Lambda Sesnor

26-02-11, 15:32
I saw this on Flea-Bay and wondered as they've seemingly sold a few, if anyone from this forum has bought one? Are they a good replacement for the one on my 1100?

Neil W
26-02-11, 19:16
As genuine Bosch and NGK ones are only 76 from motorworks I would be wary of unbranded stuff, looking at his listings for MAF sensors etc they are FAR TOO cheap to be genuine Bosch/Pierburg etc (more likely to be Chinese knock offs).
A mate in the trade had 3 aftermarket MAF sensors for a TDI SAAB from a large national parts supplier all of which were faulty .
In the end the genuine item albeit at 1 1/2 times the price but with a 2 year guarantee sorted the problem.
Further to that my brother in law who has a tuning business had a customer who bought an E bay MAF sensor for a diesel Rover 75 against his advice , customer plugged it in and nothing it didn't work.
In desperation he put in the original faulty one and at least the car ran. When he checked the new sensor , yes it looked genuine with all the right Bosch part numbers etc and the connectors were right BUT there were actually no electrical innards inside the sensor.