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06-03-11, 18:33
Well, firstly, a warning, there are 30 random pics taken today while out in Kent with Jon "Lebowski"

So if your PC is slow or lazy, go make a cuppa tea and then come back :D

I also have to mention that even though she was still cuddled up with 3 cats who all sneaked onto the bed the moment I got up this morning, I have to thank Nicola for sending me out to play for the day, while she stayed home and did "stuff". Thanks Hun.

I am sure if you are reading this thread, then you know my current situation by now.
Jon invited me to join him today where he was taking part in the Bexleyheath Trials Club, Club day.
Firstly, Thanks for the invite - I thoroughly enjoyed my day..... now I really want to start riding when all is back on an even keel in my life.
I was there at 9.30 sharp, and immediately got pulled into conversations by some of the guys there.

A massive Thank you to Alan of the Bexleyheath Club who took me under his guiding wing, and explained loads of stuff to me. He has broken his leg 3 times during his life off bikes, and the last time aged about 64 was 5 years ago in the woods where we were today, when he dabbed on a fox hole and had the foot go down, bike over him and ended up with a broken leg on a section.
Guys like him and Jon do a lot to develop and popularise the sport.

Various levels of expertise, age and some ladies thrown in just to even things up a bit.

I was amazed at the skills shown by both men and women, where you would have a guy well into his 70's or a tiny girl, just turned 18 on a 250cc, both riding with skill and technical prowess that had me just shaking my head.

I will post up the pics with a couple of comments here and there.

Appologies for the quality, which is lacking, but my camera won't just point and shoot, it decides what make up the best shot, by which time the airborne, or bow wave shot is long gone.

The first pic I took. Just a reminder that gravity is still King, and common sense is the Court Jester here.


Start of the first section.


Jon just starting up his bike to get going.


As is often the case at trials and other off road events, the camera completely loses the perspective of depth or just how steep obstacles are, in this case the soil was still very slippery under the leaves after quite a bit of recent rain.


Very nice Greaves.


All ages catered for, IIRC he was over 70 years old and having a whale of a time all day.


Tricky section with the stream below the bank by 4-5 foot down.


A Triumph, lovely bike, and very well piloted.



Blue route riders.



R1200GSA Rider if I recall correctly.



LOVELY Bike..... HONDA 200cc


ALWAYS RESPECT OTHER PEOPLES LAND (Even if you think they are pratts :augie )


First of the ladies through, again, very thorough and capable, 300cc GasGas. Her husband was there, walking the German Sheperd dog.


"LEBOWSKI" after after trying to drown his new bike, only managed to get his boots full of water after section of submarining..... wish I had been fast enough to catch him on the camera when the bike disappeared under the water. At this point he was just checking to see if it really was still running :D:D:D



Gently does it on the Triumph.


Setting up to go between the two trees on the red route.


Alan, my mentor for the day, in the background, having started collecting the markers after the 3rd lap. With Jon and Pete off to look for more places to play.








This was the 18 year old on a 250cc, she cannot weigh much more than a mosquito, was riding with her dad.
What I did notice though was that her technique was so crisp, and her lines so clean. As her dad said, it is her lack of sheer bulk that actually counts against her.



All in all, a great day out, thanks to the type of people who seem to populate this part of off-roading or motorsport.

These were also the only chickens I saw, close to the paddock area.


Hope you guys enjoyed, and if you want me in future not to post as many random pics, then please let me know.

Looking forward to gettin my own bike as soon as possible.

06-03-11, 18:57
The bugs bitten now, hasn't it? :D
Looks like a good day.

06-03-11, 19:04
Really good photos and yes that Triumph is lovely.

06-03-11, 19:05
The bugs bitten now, hasn't it? :D
Looks like a good day.

You have no idea. :drool:drool:drool

I have wanted to do trials since I was a teen......

Right now I just have to be patient till I have a job and income again, then it is BANG !!

06-03-11, 19:09
Looks like great fun, wish I'd kept me old Ossa:( :thumb2

06-03-11, 19:23
One that did not upload earlier.


06-03-11, 19:46
Have to say it wasn't my favourite trial, but then a year ago I rode there in my first trial and wobbled through the yellow route acheiving one clean I think!

Too many fives on the first lap and the first 7 sections were all too similar, tight turns or tight cambered turns... Not the organisers fault, more mine for not being better at cambers.

The last 3 sections were great fun however..... I love streams!

Having ridden the stream section on the red route, I decided to try the blue, forgetting both the earlier warning on staying to the left and also missing the exit point...... How I didn't drown the bike I don't know, the water was up to my knees at one point.... Great fun!


Glad you enjoyed the day Rian, made better no doubt by having Alan's company.... top man.

Get a move on with the job search, then we can get you out there....



Dee Tee
06-03-11, 21:51
Nice Picture Show,Grizz. Sorry to be a Pedant but Pic 5 is a Greeves. I think you'll find that Greaves was a Footballist with Tottingham Hotflushes or summat. :D

06-03-11, 22:19
Nice Picture Show,Grizz. Sorry to be a Pedant but Pic 5 is a Greeves. I think you'll find that Greaves was a Footballist with Tottingham Hotflushes or summat. :D

I stand corrected :bow

I am a pedant too, so can relate and accept you pointing it out.

08-03-11, 09:14
Right now I just have to be patient till I have a job and income again, then it is BANG !!

I feel the same way, hoping something comes up before the summer so I can enjoy some nice weather while I get used to it.