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12-03-11, 10:32
I'm just about to take the tank off my 1100 (it's my first time for me) and need to ask about emptying the fuel from it.

I've disconnected the fuel lines and clamped them and marked which is top and which is bottom. I've disconnected the breather pipes also (do I need to mark these "top and bottom" too or does it not matter which way these go back?)

I've also disconnected the electrical connector.

Given that the tank is quite full I have a 20l Jerry Can to put the fuel into, do I simply connect the electrical connector back again, put the fuel lines into the Jerry Can, unclamp them and turn on the ignition, will the fuel pump pump all (or most) of the petrol from the tank to the Jerry Can?

Or, is there and easier method.

Finally, my 1100 tank is plastic, someone from this forum mentioned there is an earth wire that also needs disconnecting under the tank, is this simply a pull off "spade" terminal or do I need spanners?


12-03-11, 11:55
Update - Tank off and sitting on the floor in my garage with the hoses clamped.

I need to drain the tank so is it simply a question of undoing the clamps and let gravity do the rest?

Can I siphon the fuel out through the top of the tank?

For the time being, is it safe with just the fuel lines clamped?

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12-03-11, 12:45
Not sure about the 1100, but on the 1150's they have Quick Disconnect junctions that close the fuel lines when you pull them apart, if yours doesn't have these then the easiest way will be to just release the clamp and drain into a container.

Otherwise I use a length of clear pipe and sypthon as much fuel out as possible, that's only done when changing the fuel filter or even the tank, you can't get it all out but most of it, it also helps to lift the tank on it's rear to get the last bits out :thumb2

12-03-11, 16:36
I usually siphon the fuel out of my 1100 before removing the tank (I've never managed to arrange things so that it's nearly empty when I need to remove it - it's always when I've got at least half a tank :rolleyes: )

You won't be able to drain all the fuel just by unclamping the hoses due to the way they are routed internally. Also bear in mind that the fuel system remains pressurised and that it'll come out with some force when you first undo a clamp.

Steptoe gave me a good tip regarding the hoses if you don't have quick releases (l don't) - clamp a hose off, insert an M8 bolt into the hose and tighten the clamp onto the bolt. Then you can release the clamp. Use a washer on one of the bolts to differentiate them (I always put the washer on the top bolt :) ).

It doesn't matter which way the breather / filler neck hoses are re-connected.