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18-03-11, 12:02
This isn't a 'charity' related post but this area of the forum seems most appropriate to me......'disabled' ex biker seeking sponsorship.

I received the following email via my website which is self explanatory, maybe there's people here that could sponsor David and benefit from the 'services' he offers in return (branding, events, inspirational speaking, use in advertising, news articles, TC exposure etc)...

David Burdus has sent the following message from the Contact Us page on http://www.motorcycleinfo.co.uk/:

Can you advise me please. I broke my back in a motorcycle accident in 1983. Not having ridden for 25 years I came across the Conquest 1220R www.burdus.com/Conquest1200R.htm and have been lucky enough to borrow one for promotional purposes and to raise 27,000 charitable funds through a drive to Berlin - awesome.

The Conquest has now sold up to the states and retails at 30,000. There are a couple left in this country (ex demo) and I have found one at 13,000. I cant afford that and dont feel right about asking for charitable donors to help me but Corporates maybe interested on a monthly or yearly fee in return for branding, events, inspirational speaking, use in advertising, news articles, TC exposure etc.

I have two months to try and find the money to purchase it from www.accessiblevehicles.co.uk - the guy says he would like me to have it if I can get the money together but I am striking out in this recession. I will work my butt of with interestd companies. It is an incredible machine and this is a onec in a lifetime chance to get a hold of one. If you can think of anyone eho may be interested, please could you put them in touch with me. David Burdus 07980 887861 www.burdus.com www.tunnel2k.com

David, I regret that there is nothing I can do directly (I don't run a business and haven't even been employed myself since a bad bike crash Jun 2006 [nothing on the scale of your injury but it was touch and go as to whether I would loose my leg for a long time and nearly 5 years on I'm still having surgery from time to time]).
I will however be more than happy to pass this on should I think of anyone appropriate but I am not very well connected 'business' wise these days.....my site is just an enthusiast site (a hobby I've gotten carried away with!).

I am a frequent user of a couple of 'busy' motorcycle related forums, would you like me to post your email up on them?

Good luck with the fundraising


Andy – hey, each to their own – yours sounds pretty gruesome to me.

Posting would be awesome. Just getting back in touch with bikes after all this time means I am kind of totally out of the biking community loop!

I guess you can understand all my emotions about this trike but I don’t feel comfortable about a charity angle cos I don’t think I am that badly done to. Funds would be better spent elsewhere but the corporate angle is what I can do but time is tight now and if this trike goes, well it goes. Then I am looking at 30,000 from the USA as I said which is just silly money.

So, yes, if you don’t mind. You never know when you might just find a biker who maybe had company budget and a marketing angle that would fit!

Thanks for that offer.


18-03-11, 19:17
Has he spoken to the Mobility people about helping with funding. I think they will help with trikes type things these days.:)