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17-04-11, 20:00
Hi All riding home today on my 1100 when the rear brake just stopped working, I had just come down a half mile long steep hill and through a town with no problem. As I left the town to turn onto a main road I used the back brake to slow for the junction and nothing happened. I pulled over at the next safe place and had a quick look but could see nothing obviously wrong. When I got home I had a closer look, I checked the master cyl working fine , checked the caliper , tried to push the pistons back and they wouldnt move , I opened the bleed nipple and the pistons went straight back. It turns out the brake hose had colapsed inside and stopping the brake from working. One new braided hose later all is well again.

John Armstrong
17-04-11, 20:03
If the front hoses are a similar age, it might be sensible to change them as well, especially with the well documented failure mode for the front brake one.

17-04-11, 20:50
The front ones were replaced last week. It only passed its mot yesterday after being parked up for 2 years , and didnt have time to replace the back one due to working away