View Full Version : F@&ked my oil check level screw

16-06-11, 19:31
Picked up my brand new ktm 400 exc yesterday and ran it in this morning.

So only the oil and filter change to do before play time :clap, putting the last few screws back in and somehow double threaded the above screw (Even using my newly purchased torque wrench). Now it's spinning in position, I can get it out but it will not tighten. :blast

So now instead of me out playing on it as I'm off on leave it's back to the shop tomorrow for I'm guessing a re-tap or helicoil or whatever it is they do? I'm such a spaz!

Reading threads from thumpertalk, a lot of people say to just glue the screw in place and purely fill the bike up with the required amount as per manual at the regular service intervals?

Still, this will teach me to slow down and concentrate :tears