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15-09-11, 20:31
Heading across to the Isle of Man next week to sample some of their green lanes.

Anyone got any recommendations of lanes/areas to ride or avoid?

15-09-11, 21:09
Lot of hassles over the trails at the moment...and take some extra ratchet straps for the `Ben`



16-09-11, 21:53
Looks good to me - that'll sort the men from the boys!

I had heard about settlers on the island trying to close the lanes but I don't think anything has really changed this year, do you know any more?

I see you are from Bish, I have rode some of the lanes around that way from Hamsterley over to Wolsingham and beyond....not bad

Do you ride with any of the local TRF lot up there?

16-09-11, 22:03
Have a look here (http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=495278) for some inspiration - in my part of the report I have tried to provide enough detail to identify the trails on the map.

Wishing you a great trip! :thumb2

17-09-11, 09:49
Not trail riding but as an invite from isle of man 4x4 club we did some green laning over there. but we needed to be a member of a local club and we needed permission from authorities to drive some of the lanes.
maybe its just 4x4 and bikes are ok might be worth checking ROW officer on the island first.




Just rescued our guide in his landrover :augie

17-09-11, 19:08
Holy cow pumpy - that was one hell of a trip and a great report.

Looks like you covered plenty of lanes, I only hope that with the weather we get to cover as much.

I will be taking your intel to our planning session.

Dazzle - thanks for your note and great pics, I hope the sun shines for us. I am pretty sure the lanes are well marked and open to bikes, its just 4x4's that need permission.

29-09-11, 16:51
Well - the Isle of Man definetely lives up to the reports and its reputation for trail riding.

Riding with a group of lads that go across regular I did not have to worry about where we were heading, just keeping up!

Hats off to them for all the planning and organising that made it look so easy, covering around 100miles per day - can't wait to go back.

Here is a video of the best bits