View Full Version : Visiting every BMW dealer in 5 days on scoots raising money for cancer research.

16-09-11, 19:49
Hello everyone, I have got myself involved with a charity run. So i would like to introduce to you

The Unbearable Challenge

A teddy bearís greatest adventure

2241 miles, 33 dealerships in 5 days

On 250cc scooters

In november!

In aid of Cancer Research UK

But what on earth is the unbearable challenge?

We will be taking two teddy bears all the way around the United Kingdom. On the way we will be visiting every mainland BMW Motorrad dealer.

The bears (and us) will be attempting the challenge on 250cc scooters.

The challenge will take 5 days, across 3 countries and we hope to cover a total of 2241 miles, providing we don't get lost.

We are hoping to raise £2000 by the end of the Unbearable Challenge.

What we want is for everyone to get involved.

We would really like your support as we travel between dealerships. If you can, come and meet us at one of our stops and join us for the next stage of the journey.

Please visit us at www.theunbearablechallenge.co.uk for full details. The website is a lot more fun and informative than this post ever could be. Also could everyone also pass on the web address as much as possible as getting the message out is half of the battle.

Please remember to donate to this great charity you can do this through the website or at one of many donation points being set up in dealerships. For a full list of places to donate please see the website.

Any thoughts and comments are welcome.

We thank you all for your time and support

From myself and everyone at the unbearable challenge