View Full Version : What was going on yesterday.

01-02-13, 08:22
Drove from home to the Caen ferry and couldn't help but notice police and customs were everywhere. Every rest area we stopped had twenty or so officers checking and searching vehicles.

At the ferry security was extreme with far more checks than you normally see.

A car in the very front of the queue was pulled over and subjected to a real strip-search. This same car was parked next to us on the ferry and when it was time to leave no driver could be found.

I have to admit to feeling rather nervous sitting in our car next to the empty one with the whole boat searching for the owner :eek: and was quite relieved when we could finally drive off.

Even UK security were clearly 'on alert' with passport checks taking longer than usual.

Just wondered if anyone knows anymore about what was going on.

01-02-13, 09:07
Mali effect

Increased security