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the civil one
11-05-13, 20:21
Howsa , Do you own onw of these bikes ,
If you do and have 10 Mins , Would you do me a Favour
I am looking for Switch gear that will fit my magura Bars and
not Foul my Levers .
Would you Measure the Switchgear for me .
This does not have to be a Scientific endeavour , just Front to Back not including switches , and then Side to Side ,
A Photo of them fitted would be a Help As well

Many thanks , if you take the time to Help

Phil , the Civil one

12-05-13, 20:38
Hi I've got a t509 but I'm struggling with your explanation so a pic or sketch would be good of what you want so that I can help :beerjug:

or pm me for my mobile and we can sort it in the shed

the civil one
12-05-13, 23:26
First up , Thanks for taking the time.

The first picture shows the LHS sittting on the Bike

The second shows my problem , The Clutch lever is fouling on the switchgear
the outside diameter is too thick to allow the Lever compress fully.
I need narrower Switchgear. I am told the Triumph switchgear will allow
full use of both brake lever and clutch.

Pic 3 shows the measurements i am after .. Front to back excluding any switches that are rear facing ,
And side to side .
I need both L & R measurements

13-05-13, 18:43
Ok left hand switch gear is 48 mm wide and 65mm front to back not including either the indicator switch knob at the rear nor the red pass switch at the front which should be above the arc of the clutch lever HTH

ps could you not fit a different clutch lever??

13-05-13, 20:20
Nice talking to you mate perhaps the collective can come up with an alternative why not post in the pub for max exposure :nenau