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Green Boy
12-09-14, 20:02
If you ever need a garage whilst in the Limoges area to say, read the fault codes on a failed servo unit and check the availably of a failed speedo sender unit (:blast) you could do far worse than 'BMW Adventure' just off the A20 in Limoges. It is a new place with basically every model in the BMW range in their showroom and English spoken. Their mechanic went over the bike to check a number of things and I got charged EUR 15 which I guess makes their labour rate about EUR 45-60 per hour.


Riders Rest
31-03-15, 10:22
I concur though not as new as you think it has been there since 2007 I am friends with the owner and he will dig out blind to fix any problems you have on the spot! He will remove parts from his stock if necessary.

When RiDE mag were over testing its big tourers amongst them was the GT1600 not many about at the time and an RT one of which was damaged due to a stationary drop, They had stripped off the parts from their still in the box bike without batting an eyelid.

During the fuel filter and key ring antenna issues in the past they were happy to stock extra for visiting guests and leave them with us all we needed to do was provide Vin Numbers of bikes they were used on.

And the coffee is great.

31-03-15, 11:00
Now there's a thought! A service at any BMW Motorrad dealer should be acceptable for warranty purposes NON? You can possibly see where my Caledonian genes are leading me ...

Riders Rest
31-03-15, 11:33
If you are considering it, it is advisable to book as most BMW dealerships are few and far between and cover a large area.