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Greg Tucker
21-02-05, 17:45
Having read a few threads and also nearly dizzy with hotel website I am after some advice on a hotel to use as a base when touring the Alps in July.

We would ldeally like one place to stay while we are there to relax after a days ride. Is this possible or are we better travelling around the region and stopping on spec and getting a hotel en route.

Many thanks in advance.


21-02-05, 18:48
There's plenty of choice, they're all biker friendly.

Here's 2 that I've used - but it all comes down to price & location.

A large Ski Hotel in Beatenberg near Interlaken in the German Speaking Canton of Switzerland. http://www.tq3.de/dorint/hotel_data/beatenberg_bluemlisalp_e.html

A smaller hotel on the fringe of the small town/village of Les Diablerets in the French Speaking Swiss canton nhttp://www.eurotel-victoria.ch/lesdiablerets/frameseteng/frameset.htm

Both have Secure Parking, and friendly staff. But to be honest you probably won't go far wrong in most places in Switzerland.

I hope this helps

Greg Tucker
21-02-05, 19:20
Thanks thauma they both look very nice just the type of thing were looking for.

Did you use these as a base?

I understand that Switzerland is a tad expensive though and Germany or Austria would be a better bet, Is this true



21-02-05, 19:24
Get yourself a copy of "Motorcycle Journeys through The Alps" by John Hermann ISBN 1-884313-32-9

Not only lists all the best roads but also motorcycle friendly hotels etc.

The Phantom Pieman
21-02-05, 19:45
Hotels , as such , are not that expensive here. But eating and drinking is daylight robbery. 33cls of beer will be 3 GBP and a sandwich at lunch time 4-5 GBP. And a plate of chips 3.50 GBP.

However it's safe ... you can leave helmet and gloves on your bike, and they'll be there when you get back.

If i were touring the Alps, I would probably try and base myseld around Ligvornio (?) in Italy ( much cheaper, more live, bikers are nutter , whoopee do rule breaking etc), or around Lake Como ( but not Como Towm ... complete shithole). Or Somewhere like St Anton in Austria, or Briancon (?) or Chamonix in France.

It will be significantly cheaper ... you will be able to "do" the big passes in Swizzy in a day.

But remember if in France and italy to take a big FO chain. The are theives of the highest order .....

21-02-05, 19:53
If you are going for a week then just use one place as a base.

For 2 weeks then use 2 or even 3 bases in different areas.

I stayed 3 nights in Heiligenblut at the foot of the Grossglockner pass in Austria. I stayed in the Hotel Post (http://www.heiligenblut.at/content.asp?PHPSESSID=332f1920cd6fa53f7938e59808f9 0cfb&ec_action=ANZEIGE&ec_poid=4&ec_hpid=&ec_laid=&ec_seid=&ec_prev=&ec_blid=&ec_beid=23263&ec_said=1496448&ec_position=3&ec_page=1&ssid=3&vid=hbl&pagetype=Main&lid=EN&jid=WI&action=&arid=&bcid=&PHPSESSID=332f1920cd6fa53f7938e59808f90cfb) My room was more like an apartment with a balcony with superb views of the big hill.
The small town is very quiet in the summer and the hotels and restaurants are very appreciative of the trade.

Further East you could venture into Slovenia. Somewhere like Kranska Gora or Bled would make a nice base. Plenty to do if you fancy a day off the bike. See
here (http://www.ukgser.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=35281&highlight=slovenia) for my recommendations.

21-02-05, 21:13
Hi Greg,

I've used both hotels either as a base, or as a stopover.

Switzerland is not cheap, although the hotels in the summer are a much cheaper than they would be at other times. I must admit to having been surprised at the prices in S, as they weren't as bad as I'd been led to believe. However it's not a cheap place.

The bikes and gear were always OK, and I used soft luggage on sportsbikes.

I agree with the other comments as well. Italy is cheaper, and the passes equally accessable. But don't discard Germany, Austria & France. They all have their merits.

My preference would be Italy, for the beer, pizza, pasta, wine and the lovely ladies. Also for the chilled out ambiance. However - Beware of the drivers. They might be chilled out when socialising but they're MAD when behind a wheel.

I haven't seen the book recomended by "Gotterdammerung", but have heard it recommended by others, so it's probably a good background read.

Both the hotels I mentioned are a little out of the way, but not too far. The Dorint is on 1/2 way up a mountain, in a strung out village, but you can get a trip on the furnicular railway, & boat trip to Interlaken (for a night out) and then get a bus / taxi back after a few liters of vocal lubricant.



Greg Tucker
21-02-05, 22:31
Finally found a good place with a great rate (Thanks Thauma) used the Accor website from the dorint you mentioned.

Were going to stay in Seefeld at the Sofitel looks really nice and I thought it is within reach of all the major passes and also central.

God,really excited now and I don't go until the end of July.

I will probably invest in the book and search out some great routes.

Thanks again

21-02-05, 23:24
we are staying in Andermatt in June at the Aurora www.aurora-andermatt.ch they do a 'We offer for 5 nights "Motorbike-feeling in the heart from the mountain". The price incl.
breakfast and halfboard is for one person Sfr. 400.-- in a trippel-room.(Garage-place for the bike is free)' so thats around 190 per person based on 3 sharing...... not a bad deal

andy malton
22-02-05, 05:54
Not a bad deal,but five nights in Andermatt would drive me :banghead: :banghead: Two was bad enough last year.You can easy do the loop around Andermatt in two hours,you will be riding a long way each day to reach other passes.Just my 2p worth.Andy

The Phantom Pieman
22-02-05, 08:25
I wouldn't recommend Andermatt to anyone. Other than access to passes. Essentially it is a Garrison Town. The mountain on your right , as you come up from the motorway house the Armed Services "Secret" HQ ...

Stay on the banks of Lake Lucerne, or down towards Zermatt, or better around Lake Como, all within 1 hour away. Or , in fact, anywhere else !!

Global Rider
25-02-05, 13:59
Well Greg, if you want to stay put for the length of your vacation, you're going to want to be in an area that has a lot of great roads to offer, day after day, and that area is the Dolomites. They have the highest concentration of passes.

As for places to stay:

Hotel La Fontana in Corvara.
Look up hotels in Canazei and Arabba listed here (http://www.ukgser.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=31033).

25-02-05, 14:29
Le Boomerang in Les Gets,

Owned and run by John-Michel and Rhona Pellucion, Both Australian.
Great atmosphere.
Nice place, stayed there a few time now, both for snowboarding and mountainbiking.

You'll be made to feel very welcome.

25-02-05, 17:52
Originally posted by Global Rider
Well Greg, if you want to stay put for the length of your vacation, you're going to want to be in an area that has a lot of great roads to offer, day after day, and that area is the Dolomites. They have the highest concentration of passes.

As for places to stay:

Hotel La Fontana in Corvara.
Look up hotels in Canazei and Arabba listed here (http://www.ukgser.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=31033).

Also try the Hotel Cristallo if you're in the Dolomites (and I'd second Global Rider's comments that for European Bikers, that the Dolomites are Mecca for Pass Bashing)

Hotel Cristallo is between Corvara and La Villa and is A1 and superb with good rooms, excellent Italian food, sexy Italian girl's as receptionists and a view of the mountains to 'die for'.

19-05-05, 18:36
After perusing all the discussions on where to ride and where to stay in the alps, I have decided to follow the advice in the "Motorcycling journeys through the alps" book and opt for Andermatt as a base. This will be my first trip and I only have 5 days - 1 to get there, 3 to tour and 1 to get back.

I have booked into the Hotel Aurora which cost me 190CHF (about 85) for 2 nights in early July half board. No doubt there will be better places to ride and stay but I need something to benchmark future trips against.