View Full Version : Fancy a sojourn in France?

04-12-14, 08:48
Some of you know our little gaff here in rural France. A varying population of Brits, French and some in between. Including some GSers who came on trip and ended up staying.:)

It’s a rural location; a converted mill that makes its own electricity. Dogs, chickens, horses, rabbits, plenty of space around, you know the kind of thing.

We’ve just converted an outbuilding to yet another apartment and are looking for someone or a couple to join us. We’d prefer not to get into rent and payment, so if you, or someone you know might like to spend 6-12 months in a French rural idyll in exchange for some help with the sort of chores associated with a large rural property, then get in touch.

Questions here or by PM at your option.

Some pics on the way

No specific ideas about who we're looking for, but if you have some particular skills (vehicles, gardening, livestock whatever) that would be useful.