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09-02-15, 15:21
I like this (http://www.framecrafters.net/show-project.php?id=82) very much!

Not sure how much it is to buy (USA) but it's the first Hinkley-powered Triton I've seen (I know I live a sheltered life as millions of previous posts will attest).

I did try to paste a photo but it was huuuuuge.


09-02-15, 15:44
They are doing nice work but this kind of stuff really eats money.
I don't see the huge attraction of a replica featherbed.
A compromised Hincly Triumph with alloy tank etc
would be just as nice

Nice 'n' Fat
09-02-15, 16:09
I saw this at last years Cassington Bike Show .... the owner had the frame made locally and he built the rest of the bike himself


shuck raider
09-02-15, 23:43
Why do they insist in plastering that god-awful tape shite round the pipes? I hate that.

Reminds me of that horrible sticky Holt's Gun Gum exhaust sealer tape we used to have to wrap round the many and various holes in the 'silencer' of the rust buckets which passed as 4-wheel transport in the impecunious student days when there was no way we could afford a new exhaust system